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  1. Neatly tied. i like it a lot, i'm gonna try this pattern for my salmon hunt in alta river next week . Thanks for sharing
  2. Tyr's shrimp imitation Here's one shrimp imitation i often used in sea trout fishing (something to share with you fellows) Materials: ¤Hook: Scierre hook size. 12 ¤Thread: White lagartun xx strong ¤Tail: Mylar tube (5cm) size small - Perl ¤Eyes : Mono 0.60 burned ¤Body : Ice dubbing ¤Antena : Polar bear (white ) Step by step 1).Tie Mono to the hook. 2).Cut a 20cm lagatun xxstrong and used it as a curving line inside the mylar tubes, tie it at around 1cm from the end and do it as you can see in the picture . (dont forget to remove the cotton like thread inside the mylar tubes for more balance on the fly, in that case the fly wont swim up side down) 3).Wax the thread and use som ice dubbing : it depends on desired color,(dark water- pink will do the trick, watch for the time of the year where shrimps spawn, in that case orange, pink and red sometimes pulls the triger. 4).Tie at around 2-4 polar bear fibers 5).And then the get ready for the ice dubbing for the head 6).Thread in the mylar tubes at around the middle 7). Then pull the mylar tubes over the dubbing 8).Pull the thread a little bit so you can form the shrimp like strukture. 9).Brush the rest of the mylar tubes and the dubbing 10). Fix the mylar tubes on both sides. for even distribution 11). Tyrone's Shrimp imitation As what I've stated before, Watch for the shrimp spawning period, here's the twist..... a little pinch of kaviar on the mylar tubes actually trigers and a big chance of hooking what ever fish around the area you're fishin' Hope you like it Tyrone
  3. Your the man K-O, amazing flies you have there, :bugeyes: tyrone
  4. Beautifully tied , What is the name of this hook and how can i get some of those? its killing me tyrone
  5. gorgeous fly Andreas, That mixed wing really amazed me. Classic effect in to it tyrone
  6. Beautiful fly Andreas, well tied tyrone
  7. Yeah, bud strikes again :headbang: :headbang: :headbang: Amazing creations. cant wait to see the next one. tyrone
  8. What is the name of that hook. its so beautiful.. again neatly tied stormwind tyrone
  9. Way to go Goku, Beautifully tied. tyrone
  10. Love the flow on this one. Well tied Bud tyrone
  11. Thanks mark, cant wait to see your flies, My hands are sweating and cant wait to see your hooks. tyrone
  12. cool JS mckintyre, looks a salmon catcher to me. Good luck tyrone
  13. Welcome a board. Lovely Nickolson. tyrone
  14. Beautifully tied Dave, cant wait to see your next post tyrone
  15. wel tied as always Bud, Great to have you back. tyrone
  16. Thanks for the comment Ronn tyrone
  17. Thanks for all your kind words guys, Bud : The hook was from Partridge : Absolute pike hooks, they are god in catch and release coz they dont have hanks, for easy unhooking. These hooks are quite big . Rocky: thanks for your encouraging words. Wait til you see the one am workin' on. tyrone
  18. Hi fellows, here's another one, hand tied . hope you like it tyrone
  19. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by TYR: Sweet Gjerde
  20. That is a one sexy secretary, :bugeyes: :bugeyes: tyrone
  21. THanks for your kind words guys, Mark/mckintyre : here are some close up pictures. ...........the fly turn out to be heavy one, good for big rivers Oddbjørn tyrone
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