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  1. DUH!!!! Found them..... :wallbash:
  2. Hey - You said "...every fly has its associated pattern listed". Where are they listed? I REALLY like the two pictured. :help:
  3. Hello Everyone! I would like to encourage each and everyone of you who do not have a subscription to 'Fly Fisherman' magazine to get one! Here is the reason why (BTW - I have not been asked, or paid, to do this). Once I got back into fly fishing I decided to try my hand a tying. As part of the effort I joined this forum. I read this thread talking about the 'Fly Fisherman' (Sept.'05) that contained the supplement called "Getting Started in Fly Tying - Learn to tie 21 Essential Flies". As you all know the thread went on to state that the supplement was only available to those who bought the mag off the news stand. For some reason it did not go to the subscribers. Following the thread I saw that some contacted the magazine and requested it AND they received it. Keep in mind, this issue is almost 2 years old. Anyway, I e-mail the magazine people and told them I was new to fly tying and that I had read that their guide was great one for beginners. I then asked if they still had any and if I could get one. Not only did I get the guide, but I got the Sept.'07 issue as well!! Here is the kicker - they asked for no money! They just gave it to me. Now THAT is what I call customer service. So as a method to say "thank you" to the fine people at 'Fly Fisherman' magazine I thought I would encourage all of you to subscribe. Cheers & Tight Lines! Larry in storm torn and flooding Kansas
  4. I placed my "Pre-Order" a few days before the name change. Is my order still good? Thanks! Larry
  5. Hello! Well, to get me started in fly tying my father has bought me the WAPSI Deluxe Fly Tying Kit ( http://www.wapsifly.com/page%2018.pdf ). I also have extra scissors, bobbins, bobbin threaders, hackle pliers, a hair stacker, bodkins and two sizes of whip finishing tools. The kit contains everything needed to tie 17 different flies (6 of each I think). Anyway, after looking through the kit, Dad and I were wondering...what other materials should I buy? Any thoughts? What would you consider "need to have" and "can't do with out"? There are so many different materials available out there I just don't know where to start. :dunno: :help: :wallbash: If it helps, I will be fishing for Trout and warm water fish such as Bass, Walleye, Crappie, etc. I WILL NOT be fishing for salmon or salt water fish. Thanks for all the help. Larry in Kansas
  6. Hello! Got mine Thursday Feb. 1st. NICE - Very nice!! I hope I can learn to tie like this!!!!!
  7. I'm in the same boat as Aaron! This is my first post too and I feel greedy... I have been given a tying kit and have purchased two books. Please put me on your list for the flies! I will send the stamped envelope when you are ready. Thanks for doing this! Larry :cheers:
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