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  1. hey, just wondering if anyone has gone out lately. we've finally received our winter snow and i'm wondering what the local S. Ontario river conditions are like. i've never fished throughout the winter (is there even much to go after?). how about like the maitland, saugeen, credit?? thanks.
  2. oh ya. i've fished the credit twice earlier this year. what part is still open? do you know where i can find the regulations that show what is open year round. so what are you fishing with now. i've been trying nymphs and wooley buggers....mainly because i'm learning to tie those.
  3. hey, i live just west of toronto, and wondering where some popular spots are througout the winter....that are still open. i've tried on the Maitland, and 9 Mile, but 9 mile is pretty much closed now. thanks,
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