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  1. i think this is a very nice fly. really nice work. aside from the taper issue, the only other thing i noticed was it appears you have a slip of your barred teal shoulder out of synch with the rest of it. might have happened if you mounted it more than once, or it is possible it is fine and it is a flaw in the photo. can't tell since i can't enlarge it.
  2. always happy to do the same thing with them we did with the blythe's tragopan. of course, what i should do is challenge you! i should make one at the same time you are so we could see what each of us come up with...of course i am so damn lazy that will likely never happen. T
  3. hey paul, nice to see you on the forum. you need to design a fly for the blood pheasants i have if you've not already tied one. Tom
  4. this is very sad news indeed. best wishes to his family at this saddest of occasions. T
  5. Ronn, i know that McLain has a weak spot for Blanton's Bourbon....but don't tell him i said so! hope you guys have a ton of fun. Tom PS. Don't let him rope you into tying another Baron!!
  6. yeah, but he'd be done in a week and then he'd have to hunt for a new collection!
  7. sure, send me a photo of it and i will see what i can do with it. Doc
  8. i hope to complete this in the next coupla days.... i am pretty busy IRL and there just aren't enuff hours in the day sometimes. T
  9. PEAFOWL (genus Pavo) Two species: Indian (Blue) Peafowl (P. cristatus) Java Green Peafowl (P. muticus) CONGO PEAFOWL (genus Afropavo) One species: Congo Peafowl (A. congensis) i don't have this species.
  10. CRESTED ARGUS (genus Rheinartia) One Species: Crested Argus (Rheinartia ocellata) i only know one person with one of these feathers and he ain't me! GREAT ARGUS (genus Argusianus) Two Species: Great Argus (Argusianus argus) i had a full mount that was ratty so John McLain and i tore it up and we kept what we wanted and sold the rest a few years ago. i will post pics of the important feathers later.
  11. PEACOCK PHEASANTS (genus Polyplectron) Seven Species Bronze-tailed Peacock-Pheasant (P. chalcurum) Mountain Peacock Pheasant (Rothschild's) (P. inopinatum) Germain's Peacock-Pheasant (P. germaini) Grey Peacock-Pheasant (P. bicalcaratum) Malayan Peacock-Pheasant (P. malacense) Bornean Peacock-Pheasant (P. schleiermacheri) I don't have this one. Palawan Peacock-Pheasant (P. emphanum)
  12. RUFFED PHEASANTS (genus Chrysolophus) Two species: Golden Pheasant (C. pictus) Lady Amherst Pheasant (C. amherstiae)
  13. TRUE PHEASANTS (genus Phasianus) Two Species: (Many subspecies) Common Pheasant (P. colchicus) --Scan soon Green Pheasant (P. versicolor)--Scan soon
  14. LONG-TAILED PHEASANTS (genus Syrmaticus) Five species: Reeve's Pheasant (S. reevesi) --Scan soon Elliot's Pheasant (S. ellioti) --Scan soon Bar-tailed Pheasant (S. humiae) --Scan soon Mikado Pheasant (S. mikado) --Scan soon Copper Pheasant (S. soemmerringi)--Scan soon
  15. CHEER (genus Catreus) One species: Cheer Pheasant (C. wallichi) --Scan soon
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