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  1. I have to agree with all the posts. Best service I ever got from a supplier.
  2. I just got back into tying after several years. Thanks for all the input re Mustad hooks. My supply's not large but adequate for what I started to tie.
  3. Conehead: I'm interested in the complete kits to tie his Clouser's Minnows. Thought that would be a good way to go to be sure that I have everything needed. Charlie
  4. I guess this is the right place for this topic. Has anyone bought any of the Tying kits and accessories that Bob Clouser offers on his site? I thought that since he's a local (Midletown, PA) I'd give his site a try. Charlie
  5. Don't know about a shirt, but I could go for a new hat. Charlie
  6. Scotsman: Thanks. Charlie
  7. When putting beads onto hooks, what hole goes towards the eye - the plain one or the countersunk one? Thanks...Charlie
  8. Thanks for the eplies. I'm planning to stick with warmwater fishing for now. Charlie
  9. My son found some packets of bronze aberdeen hook in sizes 4 to 10 while cleaning out the garage ehind he house he recently bought. My question - are these ok to use fro tying. I'd really hate to see them go to waste. Thanks...Charlie
  10. I use a metal ruler with a cork strip backing and an xacto knife abd have had problems with the ruler slipping. Charlie
  11. The Post Office is also a good place to get Tyvek envelopes. Tyverk also makes great kites just join them together with scotch tape. Charlie
  12. Bugsy: Thanks for the link. I've been looking for one of those charts also. Charlie
  13. I just found this site last month and found some good tips here. I use a lot of X-acto #11 blad3s and use a pill container as a holder for used blades. I cut a slot in the top and super glued it on. No more worries about blades in the waste bin in you have to go looking in there for something. Charlie
  14. Phg and Ron: Thanks for the reply and info. Charlie
  15. Sorry about mis-spelling thread! How important is the type of thread used in tying? I have two 4oz (1 black and 1 white) spools of #33 Nylon Bonded thread that I use when sewing kites. I know I will have to use sewing machine bobbins to hold the thread and can adjust my bobbin tool to hold them. Would this type of thread be ok for tying? Thanks...Charlie
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