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  1. I used a piece of star board that I received from the Four Winns boat factory that I use to work at, great piece of material. I found that using this with the white back ground really makes a difference in the lighting system on the fly when working. For travel, I invested in Norm's two posted system clamps where you are able to take your post and mount them so that you are able to clamp these pieces on a table, just like a traditional vise. I went to the Nor's site and do not see what I am trying to describe. At any rate I found that if you are able to keep your underneath in a neutral color it really helps in the lighting of the fly. Best of luck to you and your nor vise. It is a great tool and you will find your self getting spoiled by using it. Nicholas
  2. Thank you for your info it is greatly appreciated. I will check out our store today for these products. Nicholas
  3. I am pretty positive that I am not the only subscriber to Fly Tyer Magazine. Those that may have read the article from the Spring of 2005 about "Feather Head Minnows" may have read about the Homemade Head Goo. It talks about using for this homemade receipe 1 to 1 ratio of Household Goop (product from the local craft shop or Wal Mart) and toluene. Where do you get TOLUENE and what is this substance? This Head Goo seems like a good home sauce and would like to ask if any one has ever used it/made it? And how well did it turn out? According to what the pictures and the artice read it looks like I may need to try it out. Would like some input on this sauce. Thank you for your time, Nicholas
  4. I was thing about something today while at the bench. What gets you going in creative mode? For me it is listening to the hardcore rock of Eminem and Kid Rock. Since working for the cable company has brought the benefit of free cable to my detached fly tying room in the garage, I also am blessed with full cable benefits as well. Do you watch television while tying? Listen to the radio, or do you just meditate in a pattern book at the bench? Also, what are your favorite programs while tying or what type of music gets the creative juices flowing? Just curious. Nicholas
  5. I picked up a book on tying with Glass Beads. Ordered this from the Amazon.com store. Here is the auther and title and it was $13.97. So very reasonable. Tying Glass Bead Flies [Paperback] By: Joe J. Warren
  6. Great Start Caleb on the website. Your flies look great and and your site compliments the talent you possess. A word of advice you may want to add more content to your flies, being description and what type of species they would target. The purpose of this would be for search engines to spider for your sit, but you may already be working on that. It is always great to see our youth involved. Keep up the good work. Nicholas
  7. I have been using the Nor Vise auto bobbin for roughly 2 and half years. My experience has been with the wax build up as well. But this had come from using the GSP thread that goes with the Deerhair Bass Bugs. what I have found to clead the tube is take a piece of thread, NON WAXED, and dip in alchohal, NOT THE DRINKING KIND, and run that through and clean in a flossing motion. This motion would be similiar to flossing your teeth. When using this GSP. I do not use a Nor auto bobbin any more but use a traditional bobbin cause I am to lazy to keep cleaning. You have to watch your ceramic tube in this cleaning process that you just work to get the wax off. If it take a few times to get it out then so be it. It is better to take these applications in a few steps the grinding the HELL out of the ceramic tube and creating grooves that cut thread. As for the cutting the thread problem, I found that this has happened if using a drill to put thread on the spool. I would do a hurry up and get it on and the laying thread on the spool would not be even and uniformed so if you get a loose spot in the spool and then you go pull the thread tight on your flie to finish off, for example, the loose spot spins on the spool and the tension top piece cuts the thread below the leading thread. Make sense? To sum it up I found that taking time and slowing the RPMS down on my drill to make sure that the applying tension is even and consistent and that the thread lays flat makes good for problem free applications. Hope this is of some help. If nothing else give Norm a call, the guy answers his own phone calls, and ask him. He has been a good source to his own products and this service is what keeps me faithful to Norlander Company. Just wish we would put out videos of strickly tying using his vise. Nicholas
  8. In measuring the weight. I came across sometime ago in the office supply store a cheap mailing scale. I think the price was $5.00 or $7.00. Very reasonable, so I picked one up and this is what I use to weigh my lures as well my mail that gets sent using www.stamps.com. Just a thought. Nicholas
  9. No matter slow or fast, I greatly appreciate the people and the service of this site. I recommend and praise the service that flytyingforum.com offers and will continue now matter the speed. Thumbs up !!!!! Nicholas
  10. Heres some info that I found useful in learning to take digital photos of flies. This is something that was passed on to me from this site. http://www.flytyingforum.com/index.php?showtopic=2984&hl= and http://homepage.mac.com/riverwader/tying/Personal24.html Hope this is some help. I know it has been helping me a great deal. Nicholas
  11. check out this site on it. www.mffc.org Gives all the details on when and where. Nicholas
  12. My wife and I are going. This will be our first show we have attended. I can't wait to see all the exhibits. And the seminars should be great as well. We are going both days as well. See you all there!! Nicholas
  13. Thank you for the info. It will be of great help. I am goind to the Fly Fishing Expo this weekend in Warren. Hopefully I will pick up on sum new tips and tricks that I would be able to share. Specially in deerhair tying, this is my most favorite because of the different colors and shapes you can come up with at the end fly result. Keep tying strong Nicholas
  14. To waterproof my flies I spray with a can of Camp Dry, or Scotch guard works good too. It is really cheap way to have around and to use on flies. One tool that I use for trimming is a cordless beard/mustache/nose hair trimmer. I think I paid about $10.00 and it really makes roughing out a fly a simple process. I use the double edge razors to really final trim my shapes. Has anyone found an easy way to place eyes on their flies? Nicholas
  15. Great Job Jim. I know what it is like to do some practice with deerhair. I have been practicing for about a year now and at times find it challenging but it would be my inexperience to selecting quality deerhair to spin with, you will get it. Heres an image of what I have been working on
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