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  1. Get them while there hot!!!! Only 30.00 dollars each. Limited time offer, while supplies last
  2. Well lets try this one more time, I just spent 30 minutes tying all this up only to have it all disipear on me. I dont get on this forum that much these days I spend most of my time on the classic fly tying forum. I will get right to it because I already typed this all up once and lost it so here it is. I have taken on a raffle fund raiser to help a friend,some of you may know, Dale Darling. He lost his home and most everything in it recently in the Colorado flooding. The river now runs threw there front yard and at this point there is no hope of rebuilding and they were told they didn't need flood insurance so.....you get the picture. So what I have done is started a raffle to raise a little money for him and his wife while they get there life back in order. http://www.classicflytying.com/index.php?showtopic=50331 This is a link to show some details of what we are doing. It has the prizes listed in some of the posts. The three prizes are all donated by members of the Classic Fly Tying Forum and are as follows. A new G.loomis Stream Dance GLX 9' 4wt., a fly plate containg, I belive, at least 10 classic salmon flies tied by members, and a single framed salmon fly tied by Bill Chandler. The tickets are $30 each and only 100 to be sold. I can't put up a picture of the flies because they are not done yet but I can tell you that Ted Pattlen is doing the framing. I have seen his stuff, it's nice! http://www.classicflytying.com/index.php?showtopic=50544 This is the link to get your tickets and directions. You will be sending money by Pay-Pal to Bud Guidry who will make a record and at the end his daughters will pull names from a hat. I hope that you will consider particapating in this cause to help out a friend and fellow fly tier. The odds are good with 3 prizes and only 100 tickets so please buy at least one. Thats a $700 fly rod and one hell of a fly plate Ted is building plus Bill's fly. Please take a second and check it out. Be sure if you do buy tickets to follow the directions and include all your info in the pay pal note field so we can get you your prize. Also send money as a gift to avoid charges. Thanks Jim Haswell (steelyjim)
  3. Now thats a nice looking little spey. I would fish that thing all day.
  4. I have started using this connection this year for swinging flies with the 14ftr. I really like it a lot. I think it only really only works for turned up eyes though.
  5. Tied a Romero fly? I assume thats a side affect of fine Scotch. That is a good excuse though, I might use that for the next piece that comes out of my vice. Really nice fly btw, Rockey. Jim
  6. Thats pretty cool, I never thought to do that with the ostrich.
  7. Nice little fly you have there. That would work well for trout and steelhead here in Mi.
  8. I think if you want the wing to stay togeather you should stick to the goose feather. The duck feather will have thicker fibers (I assume you are using wing feathers) and you should notice they will tend to have a curve to them. All of wich is working against you. The Goose is a much softer feather and will collapse much nicer. Just rember when mounting the wing to shape them a little and hold them very tight while tying on and before you let go turn the fibers (that will tend to slide to the back of the fly) , back on top. You just give them a little twist back on top of the hook. I hope this helps a little. Jim
  9. Nice flies, This is something I want to try. (tie and fish)
  10. A new addition to the fly pattern database has been submitted by jimh989: Wedding Fly
  11. Nice fly! I will have to tie a few for steelhead this spring.
  12. Very nice photos. Is that MI.? Maybe I'll see you on the water.
  13. You might have a good bird dog an your hands. Just rember to shoot over him not at him.
  14. Those are real nice. My favorite fly for steelhead here in MI. :headbang:
  15. You must be a very proud father. It reminds me of when I got my first kit from Gander Mtn. and was going to teach myself to tie flies. When I cought my first blue gill on one of my oun flies... what a feeling. I guess you could say I was hooked. HAVE FUN AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KIDS. JIM H
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