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Found 1 result

  1. Ran into a Sulfur emergence on one of my favorite streams last year in mid-May and came away a bit frustrated by the end result. Fish were actively feeding and I managed plenty of inspection rises yet very few takes. So I'm back at the bench getting ready (and hoping) for another go at them this year. I'd like some opinions on tying a parachute pattern to match the hatch. The subimago has an opaque dark dun wing but the legs are yellow. (Abdomen from the underside is yellow/burnt orange, thorax much darker coloration with some deep gray tones.) I'm going with a parachute as I like the low profile for emerging insects. I'm likely overanalyzing this, but my question, when wrapping the hackle should I be concerned more about wing color or leg color to match the hatch? I'm tempted to use a dark dun and a light ginger hackle and wrap both (similar to an Adams).
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