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Found 1 result

  1. SWAP IS CLOSED. WE ARE NOW FULL. I have been running a Bluegill Swap Club for the past 2 years, but this year, I'm going to be running several bluegill swaps during the year. These swaps will be open to the first 12 swappers who ask to join, no exceptions. The first of these open swaps will be for Bluegill Flies that incorporate rubber legs as one of the materials. But you don't have to USE them as legs. You can tie a rubber skirt, use the rubber material for a wing or tie a fly with rubber legs, or any other idea that you come up with. Each swapper will tie at least 11 flies and you will get 11 back. (Extras are appreciated) You will NOT get your own fly back, so if you want some to fish with, tie yourself some extras and keep them. Each fly must have a toe tag which is a small slip of paper with your Screen Name and the name of your pattern if you know the name. Each swapper will ship their flies to me early enough that they arrive BY the due date. Each swapper will include a Self-Addressed STAMPED Envelope. Do NOT use the metered mailing labels that the Post Office puts on just about everything these days. Make sure that you use POSTAGE STAMPS on your return envelope. Each swapper will mail their flies to me in a crush proof box. I like Altoid boxes, but that's your call. When all the sets are in, I will divide them up and return them to the swappers. I would also LOVE to hear from some of you that think you might want to participate in future Bluegill Swaps about the kinds of patterns you would like for us to tie. I hope to run a swap every couple of months throughout the year. If that's going to happen then it's going to be REALLY important that each swapper get your flies to me BY THE DUE DATE! If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. OK, who wants some rubber legged flies? If you want in, and beginners are welcome, reply with "I'm in" and the name of your pattern, if you know it. 1. Breambuster (Swapmeister) Red Fox Squirrel Nymph 2. Czinger96 - TBD 3. Vicrider - Bluegill Bully - Received 4. Fshrmanms - TBD - Received 5. GLoy - Cap Spider - Received 6. Batman - TBD - Received 7. Floyd - Glove Bug - Received 8. BassBugn - Topwater Bee or Spider 9. Sniperfreak223 - Hare's Ear Nymph Variant - Received 10. Stippled Popper - Popper - Received 11. Joman - Bugger - Received 12. Utyer - Beetle Fly - Received WE ARE NOW FULL. SWAP IS CLOSED.
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