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Found 226 results

  1. Can you use sewing thread to tie flies? I have access to a lot of sewing thread and wandering if I can tie with it.
  2. Does anyone use materials they find to tie in their flies and what are they?
  3. I have tied flies with just about everything I can find, flip flops, bead chain, feathers I found. Does any one else use thing they find to use in their flies and what are they?
  4. J Tapio

    Glow Nymph

    Here is easy to tie nymph pattern for trout and grayling fishing... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imdBMeS2goA
  5. This is a little video a made showing how to make a march brown warren emerger pattern! what do you guys think.
  6. This is a video of Mike Lawson talking about the history of the fly and tying the EZ Caddis. We just wanted to share it with some hardcore fly tiers. https://vimeo.com/60180188 Visit the link to view the video
  7. Here's my newest YouTube tutorial, this time featuring a technique to create extended body mayflies. These are many variations to this method, yet I wanted to share a simple and effective one with all. Enjoy! TC
  8. Today I went down to a cousins ponds here in Alabama, I didn't bring the long rod because I wasn't sure how grown up it was around the ponds, I caught one bass on a top water plug, and lost a HAWG on a black and blue tube, drag screamed all the way across the pond then she jumped and spit it out! :'( I walked up to the upper pond and saw it was open enough to fly fish, and had a nice dock. While tossing a baby bass colored crankbait, I saw a rather large carp! I was STOKED! I've been wishing they were in the area I live in in Georgia, and now I was watching one chase down my crankbait, which is wired, it would chase it until the last instant then turn and swim off, I then just put the rod down to watch him Hoover stuff up and he swam right into another one! I got pictures of them, I edited the photos to make it easier to see them, by turning the brightness down and the contrast up the fish really pops, I've tied up some flies and I hope to get out after them soon!
  9. So, I just moved from the Pacific Northwest of the States to Western Norway and I was looking from some local advice. Basically, I primarily have fished rivers, streams and lakes and am quite familiar with the entomology, species and tying those of the western US, however my efforts for local information here have turned up little information of value. Does anyone have recommendations on species, hatch timings, resources, etc.? I know of a couple native norwegians frequent this site but if anyone else has any advice...all is welcome. Looking forward to hearing what you all have to say and exploring this new place...so far it's amazing! -Z
  10. Fly tying "Comet fly" http://youtu.be/VFoHbQzBgMc
  11. anybody on here from East GA?, I live in Jenkins County, and have been fly fishing/tying for about a year and a half, was looking for someone to talk tying, fishing, or maybe even go fishin with locally?
  12. I was going through my fly box today and found some flies that I can't quite put my finger on. A buddy gave them to me a few years ago, and i have no clue what they are, can anyone on here help me? I have a feeling they are for salmon or maybe steelhead. i attached the pics too.
  13. can anyone give me any names for good pike and steelhead flies, or any videos for either
  14. Here's a recent video I posted on YouTube regarding hen necks and saddles. I know that when I first started tying flies over 20 years ago that there was a difference between hen and rooster feathers, but I didn't quite know the fly tying applications. In this video, I show a few of the common ones, most notably for soft hackles, tailing, legs, and beards (on wet flies, not the playoffs!). Depending on the comments, I may create an additional video for wings on both wet and dry flies. Thanks, and enjoy! TC
  15. Here's a simple and effective pattern I wanted to share with all, the Utah Killer Bug. A buddy of mine in State College fishes this pattern a lot with success, and he wanted me to share with all. This pattern does not use the wire ribbing simply bc there doesn't seem to be a need for the pink in Pennsylvania; feel free to add a wire rib if wanting an additional color to shine through. There is a specific brand & color of yarn used in the tying (Jamieson's Shetland yarn); if anyone has alternatives, let me know. TC
  16. I received a goodie bag of prizes from Misfit Fly Co. and it included some tube material. I have never fished a tube fly or seen one in person. Here was my first attempt. I had no idea what to use as material, so, I just went with what I had on hand. It was actually fun to tie, and see how adding the disc gave the material some body. It'll be interesting to see this one in the water. Material list -EP Fibers -Flash -Tube -tube disc (don't know the correct term) -Misfit Holo Head I would love to hear of suggestions on materials. I know that I could use some hackle, but that's about all I know that would look good on these.
  17. Here's a great pattern that I want to share with everyone. This is Tracy Peterson's Skinny Nelson, which I explain everything regarding it in the video. What I want to stress, especially for beginning tyers, is the second half of the video, where I go through a couple variations of the Skinny Nelson. Varying a fly can be difficult if you are just started @ tying, thus why I spent some time there. Enjoy! TC
  18. So for about 6 months now I have been contemplating making a new bench due to my space slowly getting smaller. Well had a good day to do it, really windy and median temperatures outside so I headed over to my father-in-laws house and got to work. He does carpentry and cabinet work and has all the tools to make it happen. We are thinking about making these custom and selling them. Shoot me a message with any interest. Simon O I built this with holders for my deer hair packers and my clear cure goo Never have enough spots for Scissors and Bobbins, even included 9 holes for the smaller items such as hackle pliers and bobbin threaders My main issue with my old desk was Thread Spool holders, well my new one holds 40 Spools Testing out the new vise, had just finished a baitfish pattern, and was trimming away Makes a nice back drop for flies also If you are interested message me, the options are endless with these desks, price would be dependent on how large it was and what customizations you would like. I hope I can help other with not having enough room haha
  19. Hey folks, Jim Stuard from Fly Fish Ohio here. I'm usually more of a troller here than a poster, but tomorrow night (Wed 5/1), we're going to do one of our semi-regular Google+ fly tying hangouts. It's basically a live webcast that multiple people can participate in. I (or a guest) usually tie some flies and answer questions from the chatroom. If you already have a Gmail address/Google+ ID, a webcam with a mic and no fear, you're welcome to join us in the hangout. I think you can succesfully have 10 people participate live and about 1500 can watch a live youtube link. Tomorrows hangout will be discussing the 'Fishing the Well Curve' article written by Joe Cornwall on the FFO site. I'll be tying three smallmouth streamers. The hangout usually takes about an hour or less. If you're interested in participating, email me at [email protected] with your Google+ ID. If you just wanna watch the train wreck, stop by www.stopandgoradio.com and click on the 'Listen/Hangout' link. See you there at 8 p.m eastern/7 central. -Jim
  20. Howdy, I am attaching a picture of some hooks I got from eBay, anyone ever see anything like this? Thanks Homer
  21. Does anyone else have the same problem I do? Whenever I try to search for fly patterns, either by material, species, location, etc all i get is a blank page, am I doing something wrong? Do I need to make any special settings in my browser? It's very frustrating to be unable to access all those great patterns. Thanks to anyone who can shed some light on this issue.
  22. Evening All, Next week I make my bi-annual trip to the White river in North East AR.This time of year is the Sowbug Roundup in Mountain Home. If you are in the vicinity of Mountain Home I highly recommend attending. Of course bring your fly rod and hit the White if you have never have. The Browns are a handful.
  23. Check it out here is a new edition to the Deadly Dozen video collection. This is a video of Mike's Honey Ant pattern. The fly is tied by Joseph Bare´╗┐ a guide here at Henry's Fork Anglers. https://vimeo.com/60726272
  24. You might get a kick out of this one... (or maybe not). Either way...here ya go!
  25. Silverleapers sent me here. Here is a new group on Facebook where you can post fly tying material that you either are willing to trade or material which you are looking for. Well worth a look as it continues to grow. Facebook Group : Fly Tying Material Swap https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/575184905826931/
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