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Found 12 results

  1. This video is a bit different, its more of a comparison between two materials. The synthetic bucktail, and real bucktail. From my opinion, I think they both have unique properties and differences, so much so that I really think the should be different named materials all together. Faux bucktail is somewhat misleading as its not exactly the same as the real stuff. In some ways its better, and in some ways its worse. For certain applications it could be better, and for certain applications it could be worse. So thats my conclusion. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 in size 2 Eyes: Lead Painted Dumbell Eyes in large and red Thread: Danville 210 Flat Waxed in White Material: Real and Faux Bucktail in white/olive Head Cement: Solarez "Bone Dry"
  2. The clouser minnow is one of the most effective and popular streamers ever made. With any popular fly, there comes variations of it. This variation uses rabbit strips instead of ducktail to tie the fly. Its tied basically the same way, however there are some differences with tying technique since the materials are different. This fly will move more in the water due to the rabbit strip. While bucktail moves really nicely, it doesn't quite flow as well as rabbit fur. Being tied hook point up means this fly will be less prone to snags, and can be fished on the bottom more than some other point down type streamers. Here is a list of materials used on this fly. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 size 2 Thread: Danville's 210 flat waxed in white Weight: Lead dumbell eyes - Medium, yellow painted Top wing: Rabbit zonker in olive Bottom wing: Rabbit zonker in white/cream
  3. There are so many variations of the clouser minnow, its hard to keep track of them all. One of my favorites though is this sparkle clouser. Especially when I have fish that are super aggressive, looking for shiny and fast moving lures. Being tied with all flashabou, this will shimmer and shine in the water, attracting fish from far away. It also moves quite quickly and sinks very quickly as well. Its a great little fly which I have used to catch smallmouth and largemouth bass, barracuda, crappie, redfish, sea trout, striper, and even trout. They were tied with different sized hooks though for each of those species. Also, there are other fish this fly would catch well, just I haven't actually fished for them with it yet. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - Size 2 Thread: Danvilles 210 Flat Waxed - Blue Weight: Lead Dumbbell Eyes - Medium Body: H20 Pearl Baitfish Adhesive - Super Glue UV Resin: Solarez "bone dry" UV curing resin
  4. Many people have already asked me to tie a fly with my beard hair, so here it is! I cut some hair from my beard, then tied a clouser minnow with it. I even went out and tested it on the water and I caught a few smallmouth bass with it! Pretty funny actually, catching fish with my beard. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - Size 2 Weight: Brass Dumbbell Eyes - 5MM Eye Adhesive - Super Glue Thread: Ultra thread 140 - Brown Fiber: My Beard! UV Resin: Solarez "Bone Dry"
  5. Hey guys, a while back I made a video about a Clouser minnow that some said was tied incorrectly. I finally got around to tying it the way some suggest is the only way to tie a Clouser, the original way it was tied. Tell me if I did it correctly, as this is the only way I know how to tie the original. I do tie it this way occasionally, but find that it takes longer to tie then the way I do it, so for making a dozen in a row for fishing, I usually tie the other way, as fish don't really care the difference. But yeah... Here it is, let me know whatcha think.
  6. Hey, I am doing something new. I plan on taking all my video's and turning them into article form. Sometimes I don't always want to watch a video on tying a fly, however reading a quick recipe article is quick, and you don't always have to listen to the person. Knowing my voice, I think this will be a big hit. HAHA Let me know what you think about this article thing. http://www.mcflyangler.com/sexy-shad-clouser
  7. I got my vise on Sunday and have been impatiently waiting on today's mail to bring most of my tools. They just came in and I just finished my first fly. I would really appreciate some feedback and advice. Here are my questions after fly #1: -The fishing manager at Orvis recommended that I use a Mustad O'Shaughneesy 2XH/1XL Size 2 hook. Is that what I should be tying on? I noticed that a lot of people use hooks with more of a curved shank for the Clouser. I will be fishing for largemouth and striped bass on an 8 wt. Whats your opinion? - I definitely ended up crowding the head with the deer hair. I tried really hard not too because I have read that that is mistake most beginners make, but it really felt like I couldn't get the deer hair secure without getting more hair slid toward the eye. Any advice for this? -My flash seems to be really floppy or saggy I don't know what to call it. It just dangles way lower than the belly hair because it isn't as rigid. Is this an issue or will that not happen in water because it will be weightless? I tried to follow Bob's video exactly as I tied so it would be a real Clouser. I would love some feedback as Im sure yall can find much more for me to improve on (like I know the chartreuse hair is sort of tied in more to one side than the other). Please leave honest feedback (I've got tough skin) and give me any advice that you have so that I can improve. Thanks.
  8. The clouser minnow is one of the most widely used and effective streamer patterns for both salt and fresh water fly fishing. It has a really nice jigging action, and also sinks a bit to where the fish are. Its fairly easy to tie, and uses just a handful of materials. The bucktail moves really nicely in the water as well. If you ever watch the professional bass fisherman on conventional gear, they will throw a color pattern called Sexy Shad quite regularly. This is probably one of the most common crank bait color, made popular by Kevin Van Dam. I decided to copy that color pattern to create a great Large Mouth Bass or small mouth bass fly for fishing the shad spawn. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 hook in size 2, but it can be tied on any strong long shanked hook. Weight: lead dumbbell eye Thread: Danville 210 flat waxed in blue (can use white as well for this pattern) Body: White, yellow, and blue buck tail Flash: Pearl flashabou (under the white bucktail) and gold crystal flash (under the yellow buck tail) Epoxy: Solarez "Thin Hard" UV curing resin. Music: funnysong, ukulele - Bensound.com
  9. The Clouser minnow was originally created back in the mid 80's by Bob Clouser, a legendary fly tier, instructor and fisherman. Soon after the flies creation, fly fisherman around the world started realizing the flies versatility and potential to catch just about any species of fish that eat bait fish. It has the ability to catch many saltwater fish species, as well as freshwater species. I take this fly to every saltwater outing I go on, and also to every lake fly trip for bass, trout, and even pike. If tied on a small hook, you can even crappie fish with it. The fly is rather easy to tie, and can be quite durable, which means you can catch more fish without the fly shredding. You can use other materials than just buck tail, however buck tail is the original way it was tied. Synthetic fibers however can be very effective. I even know someone who ties this with craft fur, and it moves incredibly in the water. Hook: Mustad 3407 size 6-3/0 (I am using 1/0 for the video). You could also use any strong and long shank hook. I commonly use a Gamakatsu SS15 as well. Weight/Eye: Dumbbell Eyes in any size you want. The larger the eye, the faster it sinks, and the smaller the eye, the slower it will sink. I am using a 7/32" size (or 5.5MM), which is rather large. I like mine to sink fast. Body: Bucktail in chartreuse and white. Thread: Danville 210 waxed. Epoxy: Solarez "thin hard" uv curing epoxy. Music: "Happiness" & "Sunny" - Bensound.com https://youtu.be/XfcRwJ-RwlU
  10. Check out the tutorial I just completed of the Clouser Minnow. http://www.fishbaitsflybox.com/2015/03/clouser-minnow.html Enjoy!
  11. Hi All, Since last week, I've been searching a materials for tying my first clouser minnow. Once I have all the materials, last night, I have tied my first clouser minnow using buck tail for the first time. I would like to call this Olive Clouser Minnow on hook size 2. Initially, I have planned to use chartreuse color, unfortunately the chartreuse buck tail is sold out. Then, after think over and over, I've decided to use darker color but not to dark. So I choose Olive buck tail. For the belly I still choose like the common which is the white buck tail. Most of the fly tying video that I saw in youtube is using dumbell eye for their clouser minnow. I don't know some how, I really love to use black bead chain as an eye for my clouser minnow. It just look great for my eye view and hopefully same for the fish. This morning this Olive Clouser Minnow is tested on freshwater pacific tarpon and it's working fine. Got a lot strike and at last managed to catch one 28cm pacific tarpon. Hopefully this is also work fine on my landbase saltwater fishing that I've planned at the end of this year where between 26th-31st Dec this year. Cheers.
  12. HI All , I am new to the Forum and looking for a bit of help , having a Family holiday to , Bradenton Beach on Anna Maria Island on Florida Gulf Coast in first week or two of AUGUST this year and plan to get a while to get in a bit of SALTWATER fly fishing ! have not done any Saltwater Fly before :-( I believe the fish in the area are awesome with everything from sea trout, snook to Tarpon (farther out by boat), I was wondering if anyone can give me some guidance on BEST FLIES TO USE & ALSO a few locations to try a bit of flats fishing or wading with a 9Wt fly rod, on or around Anna Maria , it extends down to Long Boat Quay to south and Tampa bay to North ? Anyone been and make recommendations would be GREAT ! :-)
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