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Found 13 results

  1. Sorry but you do not have enough posts to be selling fly tying related materials read the classified rules of the forum Complete New Rules for Classified - Classifieds - Fly Tying (flytyingforum.com)
  2. So I decided to take a look at fly tying and a side not often taken...things you DON'T need. In my video, I list 5 things I don't need (keyword: Need), including a whip finishing tool. I use it for about 5% of my patterns, instead opting for a hand whip finish with head cement or super glue. After watching the video, I'd love to hear your thoughts, and more importantly, your 5 things that you don't need. Tim
  3. Here is new Pike flies I have tied
  4. here my last fly tying video https://youtu.be/xEPAqQmFuZA
  5. Hey guys, I was recently asked by a friend to replicate the Lexos popup crab by Umpqua tyer Lex Hochner. Let me know what you think!
  6. Hello everybody, This is my first post on an online forum, and I'm looking for a few suggestions. The wife and I will be taking a trip to Montana to fish the Madison, and surrounding rivers in late spring/early summer this year. I live in Florida, and almost all of my flyfishing has been Warmwater/Saltwater, with VERY limited experience with freshwater trout. I consider myself to be an experienced flytyer, and an average flycaster. I already have a 6 wt. flyrod/reel combo with WF line. Can anybody out there recommend a good selection of flies for the Madison River/surrounding area that I should start tying, as well as any hints/tips on flyfishing for trout in that part of the country? I thank you all in advance for your responses, and will check back with the forum every day or so.
  7. Hello fellow tiers, I hope you all had a good 4th! Let me start, I am 16 years old I live in Michigan and I have been tying since I have been 8 years old. But only just recently have I started fly fishing and tying trout flies, before it was all bass, bluegill, and crappie. I have been watching a lot of youtube videos almost all of Tim Cammisa's (2 times at least) along with the dry fly legend Jim Misiura, and various other tiers. Every Video I get stumped with the proportions because everything is so much bigger on camera, I have gotten better at that but the one thing that still gets me is what hooks to buy?!?!? I do a lot of fishing on the Muskegon river and the Rouge if any of you are familiar with those. From what I understand caddis are hatching right now, but don't quote me on that. This past weekend I used some of those wet fly caddis with partridge hackle if anyone could tell me the name of those that would be much appreciated. Over all I just want to catch fish and I need your guys help to help me decide all what hook sizes and styles I should buy for each kind of fly. If there is a website link that, or if you are the kind of guy who would take time to write out a chart I would be so unconditionally thankful, for you going above and beyond to help out a young helpless tier. I will link the Muskegon river hatch chart below. Thank you so much in advanced! I could not be more excited to be a part of this community of tiers! - Edit - does anyone know where I can get good pricing on like an assortment of nymph hooks, with some caddis in there too? If not any websites cheaper or better than others? Again Thanks! Muskegon River Muskegon River Hatch Chart Thanks again! Greetings from Michigan Mason D. Jager
  8. Hope I'm in the right forum for this question, every time I ask about cochie bon du necks or saddles ( hope that's spelled right ) I wind up with furnace hackle, so is cochie bon du a flute or a freak of nature ?
  9. Hi I received a patch of fox fur and badger fur for my birthday, both of them are on the hide. I fish for trout in rivers and streams. Just wondering if there are any tips you guys can give on how to use this material? maybe a few different applications or some specific patterns? Thanks guys!!
  10. It has been a passion for many a year to tie realistic shrimps i think that i'm getting close, what do you think? this one is a Polar Magic Shrimp V 2.0 thread: mono clear eyes : Magic shrimp eyes mouthparts: mallard horn: Polar bear dubbing: polar bear wool legs: oval silicone rubber 0.5mm schell: thinskin dotted light olive unterneath: Loon UV glue clear on top : Loon soft varnish you can see more ultralistic flies at www.seatroufisher.com or join my FB group seatroutfisher
  11. Greetings from the Catskills and Upper Delaware River. Does anybody know if the Danica site with the database of flies, videos and tyers is still on the net? Having trouble locating it. Many thanks, tight lines and happy holidays, TR
  12. One small step for mankind but a big step for fly fishing....share and enjoy... Sponsered by: http://www.leecheyewear.com
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