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Found 4 results

  1. I'm looking for feedback on what type of fur/hair material would hold water very well and become heavy when wet. How would you rate rabbit, muskrat, squirrel, fox? As well as any suggested fur/hair types? Many thanks - Johnboy
  2. The flesh fly is probably one of the easiest flies to tie. Great for a beginner, but a fly that all seasoned fly tiers and fishers should have in their box when fishing still water. These flies are great for fishing trout in lakes, or even bass. This fly will mimic a shad really well when tied in white, or a leech when tied in olive, black, and brown. This fly moves so nicely in the water, the rabbit strip will almost breath. Make sure to tie the tail in the correct length. Too long will foul on the hook, but too short will not move as well. Its a balance. Hook: Mustad 3906B (size 10-1) Material: Rabbit zonker strip in white. Cross cut strip will not give you a great tail, just use the regular zonker. Thread: Danville 6/0 in white "Music: acousticbreeze - Bensound.com" http://youtu.be/nFg2xMnOuds
  3. Recently had the urge to get better at making deer hair bugs. This is my first attempt of a rabbit strip diver (second attempt to tie a diver). The first pic is it without the eyes (so you can see how it was packed and trimmed), the second is with the eyes on. Please let me know what you think!!
  4. In my past life (high school) I raised rabbits and loved it. Now that I have kids of my own I've decided I want to start raising them again. After starting to tie flies I realized that zonker strips are rabbit! Does anyone know what breed of rabbit they make zonker strips out of? Does it really matter the breed? I plan on getting a dual purpose breed rabbit and will use the fur for other things but thought it would be great if I could also make my own zonker strips.
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