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Found 1 result

  1. OK, Guys, here it is. The beginning post of the 2nd round thread. What we have here is a swap involving soft hackle flies. They will be photographed and evaluated, hopefully, by Henrik and others. Here are a few ground rules. You will tie 12 flies for the swap. There will be 13 of us in the swap, so you will not get back one of your own flies. If you want to include an extra or 2 for the Swapmeister, either of this pattern or another of any kind, they are most appreciated, but absolutely NOT required. When you have your set ready for the mail, you can either post here or send me a PM asking for the address and I will be glad to PM you my mailing address. I prefer not to put my address on the internet. It is recommended that you put your flies in a crush-proof box such as an Altoids box or a small fly box. You will get your same box back. Also, please send a Self-Addressed STAMPED Envelope for me to use in mailing your set back to you. BE ABSOLUTELY SURE that a lazy postal worker doesn't cheat you out of your hard-earned money by putting one of the labels that they can print out right at the desk and stick on your mail. That label, called a metered mailing label, has a date on it that says that it is good only for that date. The next day, your metered mailing label is no longer valid and your money is wasted. I will be left to pay the postage to get your flies back to you. Remember that if it isn't POSTAGE STAMPS, you don't want it. Of course, the metered mailing label is perfectly acceptable on the envelope that you use to mail your flies to me, as long as you put it into the mail the same day you buy the label. The due date for this 2nd round will be the last day of February, which I just discovered will be February 29. This is Leap Year! Life happens and if you see that you aren't going to be able to complete the swap, that's OK. Emergencies arise and family ALWAYS comes before a fly swap. Take care of your family first, always. If you have to withdraw, let me know as soon as possible because there may be a chance that I can get someone on the waiting list to finish the swap in your place. I would rather do that, if possible, that to have a vacancy in the swap. OK. Here's the roster for round 2. If your name is listed below, let me know, if you can, the name of your pattern or the type of insect it is designed to represent, such as "October Caddis" or "Hendrickson," etc. Breambuster - Swapmeister 1. DavidR - Received 2. Wetsock - Received 3. Fishingbobnelson - Received 4. PJ2 - Received 5. Riffleriversteelheadslayer - Received 6. Vicrider - Received 7. Kennebec12 - Received9 8. Pica - Received 9. EastTNoutdoorsman 10. Armyflyguy247 - Tenkara 11. Chris_NH - Received 12. Josephcsylvia - Received Guys, if you are on the waiting list, but didn't make the roster, I'm sorry, but we are limited to 13 swappers total, including me, the Swapmeister. If there is a vacancy, I will be glad to add you to the roster in the order in which he asked for a spot. If no vacancy occurs, there may be a chance to get in on Round 3. I will keep your names on the waiting list, and you will have the first chances for any vacancies that occur in Round 3. Again, you will be added to the roster in accordance with the order in which you requested a spot.
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