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Found 4 results

  1. Some spey flies I tied before, its my own pattern and I tried my new camera on this two
  2. Would love to hear feedback! -Nathan
  3. Not sure if anyone else looking to get started with two-handed fishing feels as confused as I did when I started looking into it, but I think I have a basic enough understanding to get started now. Here's what I've gathered. Types of two-handed fishing Skagit-Shorter and heavier floating fly line-called a shooting head. Set-up is backing--> running AKA shooting line --> Shooting head --> Tip(variable floating or sinking) --> Leader Skagit set-ups are for heavier flies and apparently is easier to cast than traditional Spey. Requires stripping line between each cast. Spey- Long belly floating fly line which has running line incorporated into it. Does not require a tip. Set-up is backing --> Spey line --> leader Casting is more difficult but does not require stripping between casts Scandinavian- kind of in between Skagit and Spey. Weight of two handed rods does not equate to weight of single handed rods. What I think I understand is that two-handed rods are categorized by grain weight of the line they cast and we've attached a line weight statement out of convention. Basically, an 8wt Spey rod casts a much heavier line than an 8wt single handed rod. Any glaring mistakes?
  4. Hello to all and please forgive the Newbie Question, but that's what I am to Fly Fishing! I have fished all of my life in salt water and some fresh. Mostly salt from Atlantic to Pacific and the Gulf. Now I find myself in South America, Chile to be exact. Now I know that some of the finest fly fishing goes on in the Chilean Patagonia, so I have purchased a Redington 5 wt and I have had a BLAST! I'm still learning the game but having fun. My question... I want to purchase a little more rod, stout I mean. A friend told me that for the Big'uns, you can't beat Spey casting. Well not knowing EXACTLY what that means other than both hands, I'm not yet ready to venture into the salt water fly fishing arena just yet. So I'm thinking a switch rod. I found a rod I like (thanks to Orvis) and my wife hates it, but I wear the pants over here (selling ocean front property in Arizona if you believe that)! But I think the Access 6 wt will suit for a few more trips to Patagonia and then be able to use it for inshore (Speck, Red, Bones, etc.) when I get back to a more salt water friendly environment. That gives me the 5 wt that I can use for 4, 5 and 6 and then the Switch for 7, 8 and 9? or there about? The access IV shows a 7 to 9 wt line. My concern is being new at fly, will I be able to use the Switch cast? I have heard some say that you can go from Fly to Spey with a little break in time, but it's more difficult to use the Switch because of where you fish as it takes a little more line and obstruction free zones. I'm good at hitting whatever I don't want to hit, my Pops used to call me backlash Billy... go figure. Thanks for letting post and thanks in advance for any help. bAb
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