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Found 6 results

  1. I just purchased a HMH TRV vise with bobbin hanger. I would like to trade it out for a new condition Dyna King Professional.
  2. Hey there, anyone want to do a Green Drake/ Brown Drake/ Caddis/ CDC swap?
  3. Great opportunity to get some bass, panfish & trout flies. Don't be scared, everyone started out as a newbie. Tying 12-15 of same pattern will speed up your growth, shine up your fundamentals. We need you, so give it a go...
  4. SWAP IS FULL! Hey all, UPDATE: Because of the interest in this swap and it filling up so quickly, I've made room for singletrack to join, so everyone will now be tying 8 flies each! I'm sure no one minds tying one more fly! Been a loooong time since I've been on the forum, but anxious to get back in the game. What better way than to start a swap! This will be a favorite tailwater trout flies swap. Let's keep it to sizes 16 or smaller nymphs or dry flies. I've got room for 7 tyers, not including myself, so each person will be tying 7 flies. This swap is open to international tyers. I'm adding my fishing buddy Nick as the 1st to sign up and this will be his first swap! - Deadline for receiving flies will be March 5th , but I will send back flies if I receive all of them earlier than the deadline. I apologize for the short deadline, but I will be leaving the following week for some fishing on the North Platte and would like to put all of your flies to use - Remember to include toe tags with your username! Let's get rollin'! 1. boynabubble- skinny nelson var. #18, mercury midge #20- done 2. nick bentele- heathen emerger #18 received 3. sniperfreak223- #22 parachute bwo, #22 top secret midge- received 4. Fletchfishes- #28 cdc midge emerger, #24 parachute adams, #20 rainbow warrior - received 5. netabrookie- yellow unnamed fly- received 6. two_nymph_rig- double wire brassie- received 7. atxdiscgolfer- griffith's gnat, johnny flash midge - received 8. flyfishingbobnelson- Sierra bright dots- received 9. singletrack- #16 adams- received
  5. Hey guys, I just had what I think is a cool idea for the fly swaps. Would it be possible for the swapmeister to post a picture of the flies once they've all come in? Just a shot of the 12 or so bugs that the lucky swappers are going to receive. It might inspire some of us to get more involved, and I think the collections would look really cool. Keep up the good work!
  6. Silverleapers sent me here. Here is a new group on Facebook where you can post fly tying material that you either are willing to trade or material which you are looking for. Well worth a look as it continues to grow. Facebook Group : Fly Tying Material Swap https://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/575184905826931/
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