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Found 1 result

  1. Posted this in the from the vice thread and got a few questions so I figured I'd take some pics while tying one for a SBS. Recipe Foul Guard: 30lb hard mono Back Hook: Gamakatsu B10S #6 Middle: any cheap straight eyed hook will do, or the articulated shanks the fishskull guys make would work Front: Gamakatsu B10S #2 Connections: Beadalon, 2 glass beads Weight: lead dumbell eyes Tail: Marabou Body: Ice dub Hackle: Schlappen and Polar chenille Back: Magnum zonker Rubber Legs Head: Craft fur dubbing brush Start thread and tie in a short loop of hard mono. This is completely optional but it certainly helps to keep the tail from fouling around the hook Tie in marabou tail and zonker for the back. I aim for about a shank and a half tail length. Tie in about 7 inches of polar chenille and a schlappen feather by the tip. You want the schlappen to get longer as you reach the front of the fly so use a feather with fairly short barbs on the back hook. Dub a tight body of ice dub then twist the feather and chenille together to form a rope. Often the fibers will get trapped together so run some velcro up and down it to pull everything out. Wind the hackle/chenille up the hook in open turns. You only need 3 or four on the back hook if using the #6 B10S like I'm using. Get the velcro back out and brush everything towards the bottom. Pull the zonker strip forward as tight as you can. I also put a few drops of gel super glue on the hide just to be safe. Add a pair of rubber legs on either side also. Hook one is done. Insert your middle hook and connect in your back hook. Double the beadalon over like so and it will NOT slip out. You can connect this a little tighter than usual since the bend will be cut off making for more wiggle room. Tie in the zonker. You want it to hang over ending at the head of the rear hook. All the strips will flow into each other making everything fairly seamless in the water. More or less you then tie the back hook minus the marabou tail again. Hopefully you have enough of the schlappen feather left for this section. If not select one with longer fibers than used on the back hook. Remove the hook from the vise and clip the hook immediately behind where the fly ends. The hook point usually either stabs me or flies across the room never to be seen when I clip it so I started putting a little masking tape on the point. It keeps it from attacking me and is visible if the point flies across the room. Insert the front hook and attach dumbell eyes about a quarter way back. Then connect your rear two sections with the beadalon. Tie in another body sequence ending right behind the eyes. Try to use a schlappen feather with fibers longer than the last section to finish off the taper. You have two options here. Preferably the head uses a dubbing brush you make ahead of time. If you don't have the means to make dubbing brushes the craft fur can be put in a dubbing loop or stacked in like deer hair. This is my set up for making the brushes. Clip the craft fur to about an inch and line it up down the wire. Spin it up until the wire breaks Wrap the brush to form the head figure eighting around the eyes. Tie it off then velcro the hell out of the head to pull any loose fibers out. A quick hair cut and you're done. Bust out the 7 weight and go catch a two foot brown trout.
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