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Found 14 results

  1. Hey guys, I was looking for some ice dub for composite intruders I wanted to tie and came across fly tyers dungeon... Yes, they have a wide variety of dubbing, but it's hard to figure out what could be used in place for what. Was wondering what your experiences with FTD were and if they offered good alternatives to "Ice Dub", "Ice Wing", or any other material that could make a good shoulder.
  2. I want to start making some personal blend dubbing and was wondering what grinders people use . I will be buying one but wondering which ones people use and any that I should stay away from . Than you
  3. First off I want to say that this was not my idea, but I got it from another youtuber called Piscator Flies. He had a video called "DIY Laser Dubbing" and I had to share the technique with you guys. Check out that video here... https://youtu.be/paQSyTxRyTI This stuff really is awesome dubbing. I tried it with a few brands of yarn, and I found that "lion brand - landscapes" yarn seemed to be the best. You can get it at walmart (at least my local one) If you cannot find it there, or want to order online, Amazon sells it for pretty cheep. Actually its better price than at the lion brand website. Here is the link. http://amzn.to/2qDcKyQ So basically you just cut the yarn to your preferred fiber length, then brush it out till it turns to dubbing. Add some flash if you want with ice dub, or starburst dubbing, or even Angelina fiber.
  4. Hey everyone, I had a question about making your own dubbing. Basically, how do you go about doing so? I've never attempted it before and would like any tips on doing so. I would like to make dubbing for nymphs, like the hair's ear pattern and other standard small nymphs. I already have a coffee grinder and I have a rabbit pelt (body section without mask/ears) and a fox squirrel pelt from this past winter. Any tips on how to use these furs would be great. Thanks! Jpm
  5. I am going to tie some soft hackle wet flies that use a small amount of mole skin as the thorax. I have some fine dubbing, but it's waterproof; is mole skin waterproof? Is there a recommended substitute for the mole skin used as dubbing? Thanks... SD
  6. I am looking at dubbing types and I am seeing a ton of different types. Do they really make a difference, and if it does, is one better than the other.
  7. I've read in Charlie Craven's book that Superfine dubbing is great for dry flies. However when I look it up I find a Superfine by Wapsi and one by Hareline. Are these 2 companies the same or are these 2 different products?
  8. Good day to all my fellow tiers. I have a question for all of you. While doing some reorganization of my dubbing boxes last night, I came across some dubbing that I almost forgot about but I used to use it quite frequently. Years ago there were two different dubbing sets by the same manufacturer called Masterblend and Natureblend. This was a fantastic dubbing and the quality of the fur and colors is great. Does anyone know if this is still made or maybe under a different name? Thanks for any help!!
  9. Who has tried them? What are your thoughts on usability for tying. Photos top to bottom .5 oz Blaze 4 oz Aurora Both above compared to standard dubbing package.
  10. Hello This might sound really silly but before I started fly tying I could swear I was sold a black dry fly with only dubbing, it was just shaped few different ways and sizes. But it was a killer fly caught every time. My question being has anyone ever seen a fly like this or is it possible? It didn't have any wings on it as I know other patterns like black spiders and stuff. Thanks in advance.
  11. What is a good "almost" seal fur dubbing. There are many who say alternate.
  12. Hi all, My name is Luis. I've been fly fishing for a couple of years and last month got as a birthday gift a new fly tying vise and here I am. Great forum by the way, incredible useful and helpful. I am using Charlie Craven's book which is excellent (and if you donwload the flybench app it is even more helpful. Somone should make a pack and sell it) Having said this I think I have got a problem... I have become obsessed with the idea that us begginers trend to "overdub" big time. The thing is that I think that because of that all my flies look a bit skinny. So here is the question... Please take a look at my flies. What do you think? Do they have the right proportions? any tricks for the correct dubbing proportion? (I don't buy the "take half and then half again" ;-) ) Thanks a lot, Luis
  13. Hi, black and decker makes a small food chopper, that has a curved blade similar to a food processor, would that work to make dubbing. I can take a picture if it would help thanks
  14. So for those that haven't seen past threads I figured I would do another. If I can't find a dubbing color I need to match a fly I go to the craft store and buy the yarn. The only problem with the yarn is you only use a small amount of the yarn. Also when I go home to visit my family I rob my mothers wool collection that she uses for needlecrafting. Here are some pictures. These spools of yarn were solely purchased to match some rabbit strips and some sili legs I purchased. This is the wool I confiscated from my mothers collection haha This is unrefined sheeps wool, then the 2nd picture is the finished product (dubbing), the 3rd is a fly that was tied with it (underbody) If anyone wants some of the green I will gladly create some to trade for some materials haha
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