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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings friends, I am pleased to present to you the Photographing System of the flies - Flies Photo Gadget, which makes it easy to make beautiful pictures of flies. First of all, the system was created for beginners taking photographs. Who can’t take a good picture of the fly, but professionals will be able to appreciate the convenience of this system. Description The Photo Gadget consists of a ring with LED strip, a clamp for attaching to the table and a clip for the front sight. The LED ribbon ring is positioned so that the light in a circle illuminates the front sight and does not illuminate the background, as, in most ring flashes, etc. The light of the ribbon, on the contrary, is slightly cut off from the background, due to which it is possible to achieve a dark blurred background. The tape works from the usual USB connector, you can connect the tape to your power bank or to the charging from the phone, as well as to a laptop or computer. With such lighting, it is quite simple to achieve a light fly with a black background. The background can be any dark object from a laptop monitor to a simple sheet of black paper. Or it may not be at all if the distance is more than a meter. This is the main feature of this system, that the light illuminates precisely on the flies, and does not illuminate the background. For convenience, I developed a simple and convenient background holder, for a4 a standard sheet size. The background is going separately and you can set it at a different distance from the light. Camera settings and sample flies pictures According to the camera settings. I take pictures on the M mode with manual aperture and shutter speed. Basic settings that I use: - ISO sensitivity is minimal (I have 100) - Focusing on the center (better to fix) - I set the aperture averages F4.5 or F4 (I have a minimum of 3.5 maximum 6.8) - Exposure is the most important thing! We change it depending on the exposure. We need to select an exposure in such a way that the exposure would be from 0 to -1, let the fly be better a little darker, then this can be corrected in the editor. To understand what the exposure is now, press the shutter button halfway down, and after focusing, the exposure scale appears on the screen, and already seeing this scale, change the shutter speed)) - It is better to photograph with a tripod and setting a delay of 2-3 seconds, so as not to press the trigger with your hands. Then your photos will be as clear as possible. Examples of flies with a dark background (camera Panasonic DMC TZ20 with macro mode) Examples of flies with a blue background and different distances from the light (Nikon d5200 camera + macro lenses) Different Variants of Using Flies Photo Gadget Depending on the configuration, different fastenings are provided in the system, in addition to the standard fly clamp. A very interesting option can be obtained by photographing flies on the glass of your smartphone using the table and the background holder with a black sheet. The black screen of the smartphone merges with a black background + reflection of the front sight from the glass of the smartphone. Sample photos on the glass of the smartphone Another way to use this system is photos on a modern smartphone. If your smartphone can not focus close to the fly, then you can use the nozzle macro lens. Sample photos on a smartphone with a macro lens If you have a more new smartphone, the photos are great without macro lenses. Sample photos on the Samsung Galaxy S8 In conclusion, I will say that the system is very compact, occupies a minimum of space on the table. using you can easily get beautiful pictures of your flies! Autor Yamaliev Ramil - YR3D fly fishing reels and fishing gadget Worldwide shipping My store - http://yr3d.shop Facebook page - Flies Photography system - Home | Facebook Instagram - Flies Photography System (@fliesphoto) • Instagram photos and videos P.S. Sorry my english
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