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Found 13 results

  1. I am 1 year new to fly tying and hope to one day go fly fishing. I live here in Alaska and was wondering if this group is okay to join? I am just starting out with tying flies not sure where to begin I was given materials a vice from a friend who no longer is able to tie flies and I'm struggling to find the knowledge of what to tie with the materials given. Do to the wife keeping a tight belt on the income it's been difficult to afford it but was wondering if there is a way to be sponsored for tying materials, hooks, beads, and threads so that i can tie for Alaskan fish species? I'm really just looking for any advice or helpful tips and wondering if it's okay to be in this group do to living in Alaska? My name is Francis Davis and I am addicted to fly tying.
  2. I want to tie a pattern that calls for Red Cree hackle. Does anyone know what this hackle looks like or what would be a good substitute for it? The guys at Feather Craft in St Louis had never heard of this.
  3. I need some more of your expertise to help me with another problem I'm having. I've been tying parachute Adams flies and I'm having trouble tying off the hackle at the bottom of the post. I've tried several methods to secure the hackle to the bottom of the post they all seem to work to some extent and I'm sure the fish don't care if they're not perfect but I'm not satisfied with the way they look. Does anyone have a good way to tie off the hackle without trapping fibers and produce consistent results. It's not hard to tie this stuff but it's hard to perfect them with consistent quality. Looking forward to your expert advise.
  4. Does anyone know where I can find butterfly patterns. I don't plan on fishing these they're for safety pin flys for kids so I need something that looks realistic but fast to tie. I tied some last year and the kids were requesting them, so I ended up tying them as they waited, just made something up as I tied. This year I would like to be better prepared and have something tied and ready to hand out. I would be grateful for any help or direction. Jim H Quacker
  5. I'm having some difficulty tying duck quill wings, I hope someone can give me a few ideas on solving my problem. When tying the wings on the top of the hook shank using a pinch wrap to compress the fibers I can't get the far wing to compress properly. The near side wing comes out looking fine but the far side wing continues to come out with several quills folded over causing the wing width to be narrower than the near side wing and also messes up the wing shape. I would be grateful for any and all suggestions. Can anyone tell me how I can get "bait fisherman" out of my profile, I don't know how it got there and now I can't get rid of it, embarrassing!
  6. Hey you guys, does any one know of some cheaper options when starting out with UV resins? Thanks!
  7. Hello I'm 14 years old and have been really into fly fishing recently! But I really want to get going on fly tying, this art really intrigues me! I have been using my mothers sewing thread and my father gave me his grandfathers fly tying feathers I have made many flies so far i recently ordered popper kits, fly tying thread, and some bucktail and some more flashy feathers. I tie the ties with a cut straw as a "bobbin" I believe it's called and I must hold the flies with my hand while tying. I would love any of your tips you all have so much more knowledge and I'd love to learn the art of fly tying! Thanks so much any tips or recommendations help me a lot! (I want to tie poppers and flies for largemouth and stripped bass) (and some trout flies for rainbows) thanks
  8. Well hello guys, My Name is Miles and I'm from Derbyshire in the UK. I first used this site about 15 years ago when I was 14, 15 ish and I had just started tying flies! I ran a couple of swaps and got really into it. I then went off to uni and lost site of normality being engulfed with studies and alcohol, (mainly alcohol though!!). I then went and got married, and had a baby girl, and before I knew it I was separated from the wife and found I had a bit more time on my hands! For Christmas Dad went and got me a few bits and pieces to start off with so I thought I would post a few first attempts on here and open myself to comments and constructive criticism! Please feel free to comment! I'm going to have a go at a few parachutes tonight as Dad is off to Slovenia at the end of next month, (and doesn't tie as good as me!!) Kind Regards, Miles
  9. Hi all, My name is Luis. I've been fly fishing for a couple of years and last month got as a birthday gift a new fly tying vise and here I am. Great forum by the way, incredible useful and helpful. I am using Charlie Craven's book which is excellent (and if you donwload the flybench app it is even more helpful. Somone should make a pack and sell it) Having said this I think I have got a problem... I have become obsessed with the idea that us begginers trend to "overdub" big time. The thing is that I think that because of that all my flies look a bit skinny. So here is the question... Please take a look at my flies. What do you think? Do they have the right proportions? any tricks for the correct dubbing proportion? (I don't buy the "take half and then half again" ;-) ) Thanks a lot, Luis
  10. Please help! I made this fly and I feel that I have a basis opinion!
  11. What type of hackles are best for streamer saltwater patterns? What company? Where to buy? Neck, saddle? Help!
  12. What are the best hackles for streamer saltwater/warmwater patterns? Where should i buy from? What companies? Saddle or neck? Rooster or hen? HELP!!
  13. Can someone explain the difference between hen and rooster cape, neck, and saddle hackle? I'm trying to tie some decievers but i don't know what to buy?Where to buy it from? HELP?
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