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Found 13 results

  1. When choosing a hook for tying, what is the importance of the hook eye direction (up, down, or straight)? Is there a general rule of thumb regarding fly type and hook eye shape?
  2. I am new to fly tying and have a newbie question. My fly tying kit I purchased came with wet fly hooks, dry fly hooks and streamer hooks. I cannot tell any difference in the wet and dry fly hooks. When you are tying wet fly's do you always use wet fly hooks and is there a difference between the two? Thanks for your help.
  3. Hey folks just rounding off a 4 month fly-fishing trip in new zealand (will make a long post about it in flyfishing section when i get back home). One thing i discovered whas that dozens of flies i had tied in preparation were almost useless as the fish would simply straighten the hook. A bit frustrating (but a nice problem to have at the same time). I previously tied alot on kamasan b100 and they all got straigtened, Six months ago i switched to b110 which have been holding up ok. I tied a dozen nymphs on some carp hooks i had laying around which performed very well. My question is if you guys have any tips on hooks/companies/ebay deals for some very heavy wire hooks suitable for nymphs, I'm looking for sizes 8-12, couple hundred each. Tight lines Hugo
  4. Other than Bass Pro or Cabelas, what other online stores would you guys recommend for buying materials. I just started and the local Cabelas here doesn't have squat, and we don't have any fly shops.
  5. Hello fellow tiers, I hope you all had a good 4th! Let me start, I am 16 years old I live in Michigan and I have been tying since I have been 8 years old. But only just recently have I started fly fishing and tying trout flies, before it was all bass, bluegill, and crappie. I have been watching a lot of youtube videos almost all of Tim Cammisa's (2 times at least) along with the dry fly legend Jim Misiura, and various other tiers. Every Video I get stumped with the proportions because everything is so much bigger on camera, I have gotten better at that but the one thing that still gets me is what hooks to buy?!?!? I do a lot of fishing on the Muskegon river and the Rouge if any of you are familiar with those. From what I understand caddis are hatching right now, but don't quote me on that. This past weekend I used some of those wet fly caddis with partridge hackle if anyone could tell me the name of those that would be much appreciated. Over all I just want to catch fish and I need your guys help to help me decide all what hook sizes and styles I should buy for each kind of fly. If there is a website link that, or if you are the kind of guy who would take time to write out a chart I would be so unconditionally thankful, for you going above and beyond to help out a young helpless tier. I will link the Muskegon river hatch chart below. Thank you so much in advanced! I could not be more excited to be a part of this community of tiers! - Edit - does anyone know where I can get good pricing on like an assortment of nymph hooks, with some caddis in there too? If not any websites cheaper or better than others? Again Thanks! Muskegon River Muskegon River Hatch Chart Thanks again! Greetings from Michigan Mason D. Jager
  6. I've just recently put together a small fly tying station. I want to put something on it to store and easily access hooks, beads, and other small materials. Any ideas?
  7. Is there an easy way to explain how hooks are sized? I know the bigger the number doesn't mean a bigger hook and in some cases, a smaller number does not mean a smaller hook. If someone has a reference or easy explanation, it would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Hi All, A fellow musician in our church's worship band was a fly tyer years ago. He stopped a while back and after learning that I'm into fly tying, he thought to give me a bunch of hooks he had on hand. As I was going through the envelope containing the small packages of various hook sizes I noticed that these hooks had no eyes for the tippet to go through! What?!? What's the deal? There must be a good reason as I doubt these are all defective hooks and would really like to know. Thanks in advance!
  9. i have been tying for a few months or so now, and have gotten really good. (selling to friends and local shops) the different hook numbers from different makers confuse me. can someone please tell me what the standard sizes are( standard, 1x long 2x long 3x long dry and nymph) for the different makers (specifically mustad, tiemco, and saber if possable). a chart would be nice. also will 1x long work fine for most drys and nymphs instead of standard length? i wanted to get packs that i could use for both so it would be cheaper. Thanks, Sam
  10. I'm just curious what hook(s) everyone finds themselves using for the musky streamers and poppers?
  11. Have recently got back into fly fishing and tying after a number of years and am having trouble finding the correct hook for dry flies. The hooks in my kit are all years old and up eyed. The problem is the shank lengths seem to be much shorter than any of the hooks I've bought. The kamasan size fourteen b401s seem two sizes longer. Which hook would be best for traditional dry flies but with down eye? Any suggestions or comments gratefully received.
  12. I picked up some hooks the other day and as I was new to the brand I stress tested a few of them. They seemed to preform nicely without cracking or breaking. However, they did flake off some type of coating. It was a bronze color and left the hook a more dull metal color. I dropped the hook in water and have not seen it develop an rust, so I'm wondering what this coating is and has anyone else seen this before? I tested an equivalent size older Mustad hook and it didn't flake. Do particular brands coat their hooks while others don't? Thanks for your input, FlyTieDad
  13. Howdy, I am attaching a picture of some hooks I got from eBay, anyone ever see anything like this? Thanks Homer
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