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Found 5 results

  1. Hello everybody! I'm new to this forum; but I've been tying flies for 6 months now. I've quickly gone from beginner to intermediate, then from there to somewhat experienced! I'm open to ANY new advice on places to get cheap materials (such as thread, wire, dubbing, hooks, feathers, everything else). I'm also open to any of you whom tie flies to ask for advice. My question today is: where would I go, either online or offline, to start selling my flies for about $0.75-$1.00 a fly? I'm located near SW Ohio, and there aren't very many fly fishers here. I'm aware of how to ship and what not, but I don't know where to go to get my business started. I also want to know where to go to sell materials as well, if anyone can help me with that. Anyways, I appreciate the time and effort of anyone who helps me out! Please, feel free to email me at: [email protected]
  2. Hey guys, so I wanted to get everyones idea's on this video. I was thinking of doing this for more species... Obviously some of you will have different idea's on which flies I should have chosen. Maybe next time I should do some "honorable mentions"? Just to say what other flies are good as well in those categories? I thought with the trout flies I should choose one dry fly, one nymph/sub surface, and one streamer. Let me know what you guys think about the video... The best fly patterns are the ones that are the most versatile. Ones that can mimic many types of forage. Trout flies are no different. You can be out on the water and all of a sudden, out of no where, you notice that the trout start rising to the surface, or stop coming up for mayflies and go deep. Conditions change, and you don't want to be caught off guard. Its important to have flies in your box that can cater to a wide variety of conditions and techniques for when those unexpected changes happen. I have picked 3 flies that I feel will allow you to fish pretty much any situation presented to you. If you have all 3 of these flies, they will cater to anything the trout throw at you. My dry fly pick is the adams, a wonderful and amazing dry fly pattern that really can cater to any dry fly fishing situation. Ive used smaller ones for midge imitations, and larger ones for mayfly. You won't easily find a rising trout that won't eat an adams. My nymphing pick is the zebra midge. Midges are probably the most important and common food source for trout. They are in almost all rivers throughout the world, and trout never stop feeding on them. Even when all else shuts down, trout will still occasionally sip up a midge when it drifts past their nose. They cannot resist it. This is why the zebra midge is probably the most important and versatile nothing (sub surface) pattern. It can mimic midges, but it will also mimic other aquatic bugs when tied in different sizes and color patterns. Its also very easy to tie, so you can make up a few hundred in an afternoon. My streamer pick is the wooly bugger. This is probably no surprise to most of you. The wooly bugger is well known as a very versatile fly. One that can be fished in many different ways, tied in many different colors, and for many different species. Try fishing a smaller bugger by dead drifting it by a trouts nose. They won't say no to that meal. Or to cover more water, you can swing it through the current. You can also strip it through slow moving pools. It really is probably the most versatile fly ever created. In all honestly, if you could only pick one fly, this would be the best bet. Ive even used the bugger as a dry fly once, when I forgot to bring my dry fly box with me. So it really is the most versatile fly ever made.
  3. Hello Members. I have some flies that I want to swap with fly tying materials. Let me know what you have and we can share. Regards Francis
  4. Opening day of trout season, in many parts of the West, is the last Saturday in April. This year it is April 26. Tie 12 of any trout fly, any size, any style. Usual rules apply, stamped self addressed envelope or funds to cover return postage, toe tags, mail before due date. Open to first 12 with, "I'm in". Due date April 4th That way I can get them back to you for your own opener. The last four years we have had a selection to fit just about any fly fishing situation. 1. JohnP - Guide's Choice Hare's Ear - Received 2 Dcap240 - CDC SparkleDun BWO - Received 3. Border Collies - Foam Caddis - Received 4. Vcrider - IOBO - Received 5. Sniperfreak223 - #14 Quill Gordon & #12 BH Crunchy Caddis - Received 6. Flytyman1 - Elk Hair Caddis - Received 7. Atxdiscgolfer - TBD - Received 8. Horseshoes - Delaware Adams - Received 9. Henrik Thomsen - Partridge and Orange & Snipe Bloa - Received 10. Cencalfly - Terrestial - Received 11. Jburge - Mayfly Cripple - Received 12. DavidHE - Rusty Squirrel Wet Fly - Received SM - Royal Trude (dry) - Done SWAP IS CLOSED
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