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Found 5 results

  1. The bully bluegill fly seems too simple to catch fish. However that is far from the case. This fly catches fish, and catches them well. In fact, it could be considered one of the best panfish flies out there. It is effective on other fish as well. I have caught bass, catfish and panfish on it. I can imagine you could catch trout and even some saltwater fish as well with the fly. Just the way it sinks is super enticing to panfish, and other species as well. I went out to fish the Guadelupe River just north of San Antonio Texas a short time ago. And this fly was the clear winner of the trip. I caught a 15-16" catfish on it, a bass and quite a few bluegill. The best thing was, I could tie 30-40 of them in an hour, so filling a box was easy. For the hook, I am actually using a dry fly hook because the wire is finer and it gives much easier penetration. But a regular 2x long nymph hook would work as well. Especially if you worry about the hook bending. Hook: Daiichi 1280 in size 14 Weight: .010 Lead wire Thread: White Veevus 6/0 Body: Chartreuse Micro Ultra Chenille Legs: Fine Round Rubber Legs UV Resin: Solarez Ultra Thin
  2. Ladies and gents, Would love to see some pics of your attempts at surface ties. Probably ranging in size from your 'large' bluegill ties, bass ties, and anything you might use in the estuary. Many thanks.
  3. Hello world! I started fly fishing this year. I picked up an outfit around March of this year. So far I've been fishing ponds, creeks and occasionally the Tennessee River for bream and bass. I just started fly tying about five days ago and so far I've tied some woolly buggers, some clouser minnows and some bluegill spiders. The only thing more fun than catching a fish is catching one on a fly I made. I'm also interested in glass rods and rod-building (someday). So far I've got a Scientific Angler Panfish outfit, and an Eagle Claw 6"6' Featherlight 3/4 weight. Glad to find this forum! Bill
  4. A pattern developed by Pat Cohen that can be quite successful on Pike and Musky, not to mention Mister Big Mouth. This is tied on (rear) 3/0 Universal Predator X; (front).4/0 Start by starting your thread just behind point then tie in a short piece of Mason hard type mono #20, f Cut a section of Magnum rabbit strip (color to match) and trim all hair off of tail (leaving a 1 or 2" on the tip) Next poke a small hole in strip (by pulling strip down to point and pushing it through ), then pull mono through hole and pull mono forward, tie it in at starting place. This loop helps keep tail level and stop it from getting wrapped around hook.Then tie in white deer (on top, spin to bottom) Then tie in first clump of natural deer hair (pay attention to the length), then trim butt ends short (I use double edge Blade for this). THEN use a hair packer and pack tight, then repeat by tying in white , spin to bottom , then natural on top (butt ends cut short , repeat , repeat, till you get to the last clump, and with that you leave butt ends long Then trim top and bottom and tie into front 4/0 hook , by using a few beads and a length of 30# masons Then tie in front section , same as back, (except the tail) Trim bottom and shape sides and head section Then cut the ears out (using ultra suede or 2 mm foam), glue in the ears, and thread rubber legs through front , for whiskers. Add eyes , and CCG underside and eyes So there you have Pat Cohen's Big Ben
  5. MFC Craw Daddy Fly, any comments on this new fly I tied last nite? Need some ideas having tiers block!
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