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Found 14 results

  1. Ive always seen black streamers as leech patterns, however many of them are narrow and tall or just plain fat all the way around. I tried to solve this problem by using a double tail zonker strip and connecting them together to get a wider, but yet still flat fly, much like a leech really is. It seemed to work great, and the fish love it too! It swims more like a leech, with an up and down motion, rather than side to side. The fly all around is a hit for my local river, and I am sure others will be able to use it in their rivers as well. This also could work great in lakes for bass and other fish that eat leeches. Hook: Umpqua U301 - Size 10 Thread: UTC 70 - Black Weight: Lead wrap and 5mm gold cone head Tail: Pine Squirrel - Black Body Wrap: Holographic Flashabou - Black Head: Pine Squirrel - Black Tail wrap: UTC Wire - small, dark
  2. I have caught a few good fish on this fly since I started tying it a few months ago. Its a leech pattern that moves really nicely in the water. Zonker strips are always known as flowing materials that act really nicely as tails. This is tied with a bit of holographic flashabou as well to give it some flash, and I even mix in some starburst dubbing in with my bull frog dubbing to give it even more flash. I have also been known to put an eye on this fly when tying in other colors, or when I want to have a darker baitfish pattern. Hook: Daiichi 1750 - Size 8 Thread: UTC ultra thread 70 (140 would probably be better) - Black Weight: 10 or so wraps of 0.025 lead wire, and a size 6mm cone head. Tail: Rabbit zonker strip - Black Flash: Holographic black flashabou Body: Cross cut rabbit strip - Black Head: Bull frog dubbing and Starburst dubbing - Both black
  3. Appropriately named the "slump buster" is really a buster of slumps. This fly is so easy to tie, yet so effective! You can tie up 10-20 in an hour, and is effective for so many species of fish. Its tail moves wonderfully, the front body is wide almost like a sculpin, and its got enough weight to give some jig action. You can catch bass, crappie, small pike, many species of saltwater fish, and mostly trout. In fact, the last time I fished with this fly I caught a nice 24-25" wild brown trout on the Animas River, in Durango Colorado. This is for sure one of my go to streamers for trout fishing. Being so easy to tie, I always have a few of these in my box. Hook: Umpqua U301 - size 10 Thread: UTC ultra thread 70 - Brown/olive Weight: 4.8mm brass cone head Body: UTC sparkle braid - UV Fl. chartreuse Tail and head: Pine squirrel strips: Sculpin olive.
  4. This has enough weight to use with a conventional or spinning rod and I use this fly to catch flounder in the Texas gulf with my conventional gear. It is also a great fly to use with heavier fly rods (8wt and up) just because of the excess weight. If you lighten up the weight, you could use it with a lighter rod. This will imitate a small baitfish, and moves incredibly in the water. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - Size 1/0 Thread: Danville 210 waxed - Red Weight: Dumbbell Eyes - 6MM Flash: Krystal Flash - Silver Tail: Rabbit Zonker - White Body: White Bull Frog Dubbing mixed with pearl Starburst Dubbing Hook Wrap: Cactus Chenille - Pearl Eye Adhesive: Krazy Glue FInishing Resin: Solarez UV curing resin - Bone Dry formula
  5. This fly is made to mimic a sculpin. Sculpins are a common food source for large trout and other large predatory fish in lakes and rivers. These fish have fat heads and drastically tapered bodies with very small tails. They tend to stay close to the bottom, which is why this fly has lots of weight to keep it down. Also, I made this fly to sit hook point up, which will help keep it from snagging on the bottom. Hook: Gamakatsu SS15 - size 1/0 Thread: Danville's 210 waxed - Bright orange Fins: Partridge tail feather Body Wrap: Cactus chenille - Orange Body Material: Magnum Rabbit Zonker Strip - Orange or tan Back Material: Bull Frog Dubbin - Amber --- Mixed with Starburst Dubbing - Light orange Eyes: 3D eyes - 4mm - Gold Head Cement: Hard as hull Eye Adhesive: Fletch tite Weight: Lead wire - 0.015 size -- Cone head: 6mm
  6. Watch till the end for the underwater footage... This fly is a lightweight version of a zonker fly, that also is similar to a matuka fly. I dub in the fibers on the front of the fly instead of twisting on the skin of the zonker to keep the weight down and easier to cast with lighter fly rods. I use mink zonker instead of rabbit to keep the fly smaller as well. This can be tied in many colors. White, black, olive, brown, and cream are some of the most popular streamer colors. Hook: Umpqua U103 - size 12 Thread: Ultra thread - 70 denier - color olive Tail: Mink zonker - color olive Under body: Mink zonker hair and gold small wire Body: Mink zonker dubbing brush Check out the fly at the video below, or go to my website for more information at the link below the video. Mink Matuka Streamer Fly
  7. staring at the vice with frustration, not sure if the patterns that i am tying look good or not. Playing around with EP anadromous brush. being that it is an ep brush, would I trim that like i would regular ep fibers?? I also find that the belly segment of the brush gets fouled around the hook bend sometimes,would i cut it right before it reaches the bend? 7. Opinions and insight?
  8. The flesh fly is probably one of the easiest flies to tie. Great for a beginner, but a fly that all seasoned fly tiers and fishers should have in their box when fishing still water. These flies are great for fishing trout in lakes, or even bass. This fly will mimic a shad really well when tied in white, or a leech when tied in olive, black, and brown. This fly moves so nicely in the water, the rabbit strip will almost breath. Make sure to tie the tail in the correct length. Too long will foul on the hook, but too short will not move as well. Its a balance. Hook: Mustad 3906B (size 10-1) Material: Rabbit zonker strip in white. Cross cut strip will not give you a great tail, just use the regular zonker. Thread: Danville 6/0 in white "Music: acousticbreeze - Bensound.com" http://youtu.be/nFg2xMnOuds
  9. Hi, I apologise if this has been asked on here before I done quick search didn't find much. I have been fishing buzzers dries and lures for years and of course even tying my own, but I had never actually fished a zonker, until today that is, but I want to know what is the best way to fish them. I had a few chase it tonight just by stripping it fast but if there's a correct or more affective method id like to know more. Thanks
  10. Went out with a mate today... I only boated four pikey bream. . Missed abother half dozen and also missed out on a mangrove jack (snapper) and barramundi
  11. Morning / evening all Haven't been putting a lot up in the way of reports of late.. So just thought I'd pop a quick little post up highlighting a couple of my recent trips... Nothing special, but my sight fishing journey is coming along nicely, and the northern pikey bream here in NQld are a great place to learn important techniques wrt spotting fish and leading fish, and also honing my precision casting.... I've been focusing lately on 3 flies as well... The shrimp fly I tied for the 2nd annual redfish swap, a bms hammerhead style pattern, and also as of last week a cool zonker patterm, tied in a similar fashion to a tarpon leach or a bunny fly.... It has been a little quiet, depending on where I visit, but the good thing is, that patience and observance really pays off.... So... first.. I had a guy up from Sydney who actually usually fishes for Australian Bass and trout in the freshwater down there... His mission was to put a bend in his 6wt. Mission accomplished... Although he only boated one fish, he put a bend in his rod a couple of times, and also managed to sight enough to be enthused about re-aquainting himself with his own local saltwater estuaries when he got home Caught on an unweighted bucktail streamer Of course I managed a couple, and am really loving the fishability of the shrimp pattern I tied for the redfish swap... and of course my marabou thing simply drew fish from miles away... Then I went on a semi-solo mission to the south... exploring some water I don't usually fish.. It was tough.. But I managed to add a new species to that shrimp I tied. This weekend just gone was really no different... We would usually have had a club trip shceduled, but with 20 knots forecast we decided to postpone until this weekend (the chop on our bay can be real short and sharp... and definitely uncomfortable). One of the guys was still keen to fish, and so we headed North to Hinchinbrook so I could show him how I go about targeting the bream. Looking back towards the boat ramp cruising in my tinny Didn't take long for old mate to connect to something.. although first fish to the boat was a nice baby giant trevally that ate a pink over white clouser minnow. The second fish boated also ate a clouser minnow... by this stage we'd sighted a couple of fish.. but had not been successful in hooking up to a bream.... So.. it was with great anticipation that I ventured deeper into the mangrove lined creeks.... The fish weren't as prevalent as they cane be... BUT, there were enough around to keep us excited... especially when every good cast to a fish was rewarded with an eat.... I had tied six of my #2 zonker flies in a range of colours, and in the end it didn't matter which it was that I threw at them.. and I only brought one of them home with me (all lost to fish). The best thing is,... that now we have entered Spring.. These little blighters are going to continue schooling and being viable sight fishing options right up until we get our first flooding rains....
  12. Long time no walked around here, so I want to show my last works ... See what they seem ... Zonker by Toto® The step by step they can see it at: http://www.totofly.cl/2014/04/zonker-toto/ MR. HANKEY Mouse by Toto® The step by step they can see it at: http://www.totofly.cl/2014/04/raton-mr-hankey-toto/ WALLY WING by Toto® The step by step they can see it at: http://www.totofly.cl/2014/04/wally-wing-toto/ Also I take to show an amazing trip, that I made last month, to the beautiful Lake Yelcho - in Chile. The Hotel in Patagonia Yelcho I leave you a summary: http://www.totofly.cl/2014/03/hotel-yelcho-en-la-patagonia-la-entrada-al-paraiso-patagonico-chileno/ And a sample .... Hope you like ... A hug ... Toto®
  13. Since the holiday is close, I decided to make a video of a fun pattern...part Slumpbuster, part Meat Whistle, part Zonker...basically a fun streamer that catches fish. There's even an added ingredient to guarantee success...gotta watch the last minute of the video for that one! Enjoy, and Happy Halloween! TC
  14. Tied a couple new flies tell me what you think the all brown muddler has a rattle in the body but I dont know if I care for it to umuch I like how the grey one came out was going for a finger mullet look give me some opinions and tips if you have any or any new ideas for flies idea like to learn some crab patterns
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