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Fly Tying

April Flies From the Vise

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The Rainchovy



This one is a good imitation of your basic bay anchovy or rainfish or rainbait, depending on where your are when you fish it.

The bonita and false albies seem to like it.

Hook: O’Shaughnessy style hook, sizes 6-1/0

Thread: Use your favorite.  The thread will not be visible in the finished fly. I tend to stick with a color represented in the fly, just in case

Underbody: Saltwater Flash-a-bou or similar wide silver tinsel

Body: Light purple Ultra Hair or similar

Flash: Fine Silver Flash-a-bou or similar

Wing: Tan EP Fibers or similar. Yak Hair makes a good substitute for a more translucent fly

Throat: White Rabbit Fur

Eyes: Stick-on type.  Make these large for the size of the fly

Adhesives: Head Cement (I prefer Sally Hanson’s Hard As Nails) and UV Resin in thin and thick viscosities

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Roxy's Fox Squirreltail

Roxy Roach Originator

Hook - Long shank streamer 

Thread - Black

Weight (Optional) - Lead/lead free wire

Tail - Mandarin duck breast feather fibers (I used teal)

Ribbing - Flat silver tinsel

Body - Red silk (I used red uni stretch)

Throat - Brown hackle fibers

Wing - Red fox squirrel tail

Shoulders - White duck breast feather (I used white hen hackle tips)

It is perfectly acceptable to substitute materials of which you do not have or can source legally

Streamer Fly Tying & Fishing - Joseph D Bates Jr

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Kinky Muddler

This is a Jonny King fly

Hook: 2/0 Varivas 2600

Thread: .006 clear mono

Tail: small bunch of white bucktail platform under three pair of saddles tied tent wing style.  White, olive and barred chartreuse

Body: wild olive over white Farrrah blend tied V style (see YouTube vids)

Eyes: goop on 3d eyes, brush over with diluted Liquid Fusion to make indestructible

comment: this is a 6" fly. Can be tied larger or smaller in all kinds of colors to imitate baitfish as well as several different brands of synthetic materials.



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Flashback Quill adams?? Not much of a dry fly fisherman but I was Looking for something other then a hopper to float larger nymphs on the river. I also needed to be able to see it since I easily cast into my backing, just before I wake up. 

Hook - size 14 3x curved hook

Thread - olive 70 ultra

Tail - barred mallard flank

Body - stripped peacock herl 

Wing - SF flash

Hackle - brown and grizzly 


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Back to the mundane world of warm water fly fishing,  finished up the last of my fly rod jigs.  These are marabou jigs, which I found is annoying and messy as working with deer hair.



Hook: 1/32 oz jigs, size 6 hook

Thread: .Clear Polyester Thread

Flash: Crystal Flash 

Body: stacked marabou


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Beady Bloody Worm - Developed by Mandy Shelvey from England.


Hook - bronze or red grub hook. 12-14

Thread - red

Body -3-4 red clear glass beads (NOTE: If using a bronze hook lay a red thread base before adding the beads.)

Tail - small plume of red marabou


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Here's a set of flies designs I call STPPL flies.  As any of you who have been in my swaps knows - I have ALOT of poly yarn.  So, I figured I might as well put it to use in a variation of the Para Loop style of flies.  These are split thread poly para loops.

Kim's STPPL (split thread para loop), BWO - BWO's are have late season hatch period and orange flies have a tendency to work best when the sun is lower in the sky, so this is my version of the BWO for an October+ hatch with orange poly mixed in with the grey (Smoke Grey) in the para loop and using burnt orange thread.


I used some nice dun-colored bristles from a $ store paintbrush for the tail and the post for the para loop post and tied a standard BWO.  To get the thread position I tied the abdomen forward to the post then tied the thorax from the eye to the post so the thread ended just below the post,  I prepared the poly by brushing it out with my velcro dubbing brush so that the poly fibers were well separated - the mix was 2 parts grey to one part orange and they were not mixed.  I just laid the orange on top of the grey.  Then split the thread and inserted the poly in and spread it down the spit - you do NOT want big bunches or the poly will just fall out. I then cut the "hackle to the proper length on each side of the thread, spun the bobbin clockwise to lock in the poly.  Bring the poly "chenille" up and wrap the post.  The top of the post wrap should NOT be any higher than the length of the thorax, I usually wrap up and down the post 3 times (until the poly is used up.  Check the length against the thorax - there is some wiggle room if just too long by compressing the wraps with your thumb and finger.  Pull the hackles back (as you would if tying a regular para loop.  Make to snug thread wraps over the post, then hold down on the thread and pull up on the post to tighten all, make two tight wraps in front of the post and just behind the eye of the hook followed by two tight thread wraps behind the post to lock all in place.  Cut the post off close to the thread wraps, make a neat head and finish.  The fly shown is what your fly will look like.  To have the fly ride higher in the water simply squeeze down the hackles until the fly looks more like a parachute with out a post.

Let me know what you think.


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3 hours ago, DarrellP said:

Nice jigs.  What is the orange center?

It's marabou.  I tied shorter lengths of marabou around the shank first, then longer pieces over that.  All but the top one have different colored centers.  You can see the pink in the white jig.  The black one has an olive center, but it's not showing up in the picture and the yellow one is two different colors of yellow.  The top one is a multi-colored marabou, I think I picked it up in a craft store. 

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Dry Fly

Hook - Mustad 94840, size 8

Thread - Black

Tail - Red yarn or uni stretch

Rear hackle - Brown

Rib - Red uni stretch, corded and crisscrossed

Body - Yellow yarn

Wing - Deer hair tied as a post

Front hackle - Brown

Federation of Fly Fishers Fly Pattern Encyclopedia

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Some more of my STPPL's.


These next two have the compressed top so the flies sit higher in the water.



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Raggedy stone, golden stone

Hook: Mustad 9672, #10

Thread: Uni-Thread 6/0, dk. brown

Underbody: Lead wire 0.020

Tail: FTD Bug Legs, tan

Abdomen: FTD Bug Leg (wrapped), tan (top colored with Sharpie Market, brown)

Thorax: FTD Sand Crab Dubbing, gold brown crab

Wing case: Turkey tail

Antennae: FTD Bug Legs, tan

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Hook - TMC 100, 18-22

Thread - black

Tail/Shuck - ginger poly fibers

Body - black haretron

Wing - deer hair


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