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Fly Tying

Crustaceans Swap - Closed

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The theme for this one is crustaceans, mainly scuds and sow bugs.

 Let's keep this swap limited to hook sizes 14 to 20.

Tie up the pattern that you never leave home without and do the swap thing with standard swap rules. I would like at least 8 for this swap, with a maximum of 12. Send 12 flies you wIll not get yours back. Due date will be May 18th.

Mail Flies to:

J McKaughan 

PO Box 85

Pottsville, AR 72858


10 tiers 

1. John1986 - Ray Charles- received

2. Vicrider - received 

3. Skeet3t - crawfish 

4. WWKimba - Myisis Shrimp-received 

5. Fishingbobnelson - orange scud - received 

6. DarrellP - received 

7. Stabgnid

8. Psychoprince - received 

9. Trouttramp - received 

10. Partridge- received



SM Woodenlegs

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Oh, I get it. First read your post and thought, "Keep the swap to 14-20" That's way too many for me". Then I read some more and realized that's hook sizes and swap is limited to our normal 12.

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Put me in for a Myisis Shrimp.  I'll even furnish the cocktail sauce!


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