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2X short dry fly hooks ???

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3 hours ago, ScienceGuy141 said:

How would I interpret a 3x gape/gap and 3x long hook sizing like the Firehole 860? Would that mean the hook is 3 sizes up overall from whatever it is labeled as? If not, what part of the hook isn't scaled up 3x if the shank and gape/gap are?

What would be the point of describing a hook as 3XL, if the hook has a 3XG (gauge) H (heavy) as indicated in the box below.  A size 6 hook that is 3 extra long hook with a 3XH wire gauge is really a standard size 9 hook made with size 9 wire. If you are wondering about a size 9 hook - Yes, there are odd hook sizes. I have read some publications that say a size 12 1XL hook is the length of a size 10 hook. That is WRONG! A 1XL size 14 is the length of a size 13 hook like the TMC 102Y below.



Note that the actual hook box for the Firehole 860 below says NOTHING about the hooks being 3XL.  So I am wondering if the description you found was wrong.

The "usual" hook proportion is that the hook length is 1.5 - 2.0  times the hook GAPE/GAP. You can see in the image of the hook that the length of the hook shank is LESS than 1.5X the hook gape.






So the Firehole 860 to me looks like a wide gape hook compared to how hooks are normally proportioned. The Mustad 94840 is the original "standard" for dry fly hooks. The shank length is about 1.5X the hook gap in the illustration below. The Firehole hook gap looks wider than it should for a the standard hook shank to hook gap ratio.






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I'm not sure the point, hence why I posed the question. I assumed I was misunderstanding something. Attached image with the hook description is right from the website. Every other retailer appears to also be using the same description. 






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I understand what the description is. A 3XL  3X wide gape 1XH hook should be a standard shaped hook made with a one size heavier wire. If that is REALLY what this hook is, the description should be a 1XH hook of standard size. But it does not look like a 1XH hook of standard size.

It has too wide a gap relative to length so it should be described as an extra short hook OR a standard hook length hook with an extra wide gap/gape.

It is hook I would actually have to see in person before buying it. I can't trust the description relative to the photo of the hook.

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