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Fly Tying

May Flies From The Vise

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Softhackle Foam Emerger




A step or two back on the developmental scale from the BRF Emerger; again, tied here as a PMD.

hook - WFC Model 3 #16
thread - Uni 8/0 pale yellow
tail - pheasant tail
rib - xsmall wire copper 
abdomen - pheasant tail
wingpad - 1mm foam tan
thorax - Orvis Spectrablend PMD
hackle - hen dun


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Grey Drake - Mark Lords first tied this variation of the Roberts' Black Drake in 1997.  Mark is from Kingsley, MI. 1902559027_GreyDrakeII.thumb.jpg.b5e44260a6e65c713c9d4d9f66087c94.jpg

Hook - Daiichi 1180, 12

Thread - Black

Tail - two moose body hairs, tied long

Rib - tying thread, tied crisscross

Body - natural deer hair, tied parallel to the shank

Post - white poly, deer belly hair, calf body or tail hairs (poly used here)

Hackle - badger or grizzly, tied parachute (badger shown above)

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Ida May

Hooks - MUSR72, TMC5262, or DAI1710 or equivalent, sizes 6-12

Thread - Black

Tail - Dyed dark green grizzly hen hackle barbs

Ribbing - Peacock herl. Reverse wrapped with fine gold wire

Body - Dubbed with black rabbit fur

Legs - Dyed dark green grizzly hen hackle tied on as a collar and tied back

Charlie Brooks originated this pattern.

Fish Flies: The Encyclopedia of the Fly Tier's Art - Terry Hellekson

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