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Fly Tying
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The Hares Ear is a classic fly that has been around for a long time.  Even though its an older pattern, its still very effective today.  Its simple and quick to tie, mimics a couple of different bugs, and just works great.  There are many variations that you can tie including the one I tied today.  Without a bead head is probably how it was first tied, but I personally love this version with a bead head and lead under wraps.  You can switch up the tinsel for wire or other material to rib the fly.  You can change up the wing case as well.  I like tying a version with pheasant tail for the wing case and also the tail.  Just have fun, change up the dubbing colors if you want and make the fly your own.  

As I mentioned this fly mimics a number of different bugs, for me though, I think this mostly mimics a tan caddis pupa.  But some say it does well as a stonefly imitation, mayfly, and more.  Heck just as an attractor in a larger size and drop a smaller more realistic imitation behind it.  Choice is yours how you want to fish this.  



Hook:  Risen 5262 (size 14)
Bead:  Risen Gold Brass Bead (size 2.8mm)
Weight:  Lead Wire (0.010 size)
Glue:  Loctite Brush On
Thread:  Veevus 6/0 (brown)
Tail:  Hares Mask
Ribbing:  Gold Tinsel (x-small)
Abdomen:  Underfur from the Hares Mask
Wing Case:  Turkey quill
Thorax:  Underfur from the Hares Mask
Head Cement:  Loon Water Based Cement

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Well I tried two different ways to link and still doesn't pop up.  I just dont understand.  This used to work.  And the last 2 months it has not worked for me.  Other people can post mine, wonder why I cant.  

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