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Fly Tying
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Nice quote

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I read this nice quote on another site and thought maybe a few would appreciate it here as well.


"In a way, tying is routing. Tying extends our understanding of nature. We seek the perfect pattern, even if the perfect pattern never exists. It matters only that we seek. We seek the perfect feather, the perfect method, the perfect theory. To the thoughtful tyer, it is the quest and not the pattern that matters. And in the search, fragments of fur and feather continuously transform into a new alchemy. Part of the pleasure of tying is discovery. So, we finally net more than trout. we net knowing the spotted Callibeatis, the underfur of the muskrat, the scarlet flank of a rainbow and the peent of whispering nighthawks."

Darrel Martin in The Art of the Trout Fly by Judith Dunham, 1988.

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