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Fly Tying

Stevenson and the "Mopham"

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Hey all,

Life has been crazy lately and I am just getting around to posting a couple of recent ties. 

First, a Stevenson (Pryce-Tannat recipe) that I tied for a friend. 


Second, a ridiculous project that Val Kropiwnicki fittingly dubbed "The Mopham". After receiving some chartreuse Mop chenille from Soldarini Fly Tackle and marveling at how insanely dense and soft it was, I actually began to consider it as "prime" Mop chenille.... Realizing how ridiculous this concept seemed, I decided to take it a little further.... Balancing elements of class and trash; about as easy as setting a permanent topping curve in Mop chenille! 😂

Also a few hooks I recently handmade!


Hope all has been well with the group! Looking forward to finding some time to look through the recent posts!








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The Stephenson is super...the "Mopham" is totally insane (I love it)...and your hooks are superb.
Well done Connor...well done indeed.


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I was being a little flip. Excellent work on everything

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