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Fly Tying

June Flies From the Vise

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19 minutes ago, MuskyFlyGuy said:


Those are terrific looking Imposters!


You got the one on the right! Plus some extras. 

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18 hours ago, primeflycompany said:

2 Imposters

Those are good looking flies.  What are they, about 10" long?

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Keeper Kebari

Hook - Daiichi 1560 or equivalent, Size 6

Thread – Black

Hackle - Hen pheasant breast feather

Ribbing - Copper wire

Body - Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift "Oxford" yarn (any black or dark gray wool yarn will do)

Keeper Kebari (tenkarabum.com)

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Professor - Tom Deschaine said his best guess from his research showed that this pattern was developed around 1915 in Michigan and was inspired by the wet fly by the same name first tied in 1830 by Scottish author Professor John Wilson.  His wet fly pattern is shown below for comparison.  The wet and dry patterns are both nice attractor patterns.


Hook - Mustad 94840, 10-18

Thread - brown

Tail - scarlet red hackle fibers

Rib - flat gold tinsel

Body - yellow floss

Wing - mallard, tied upright and divided

Hackle - brown

The wet pattern developed in 1830 (I did not tie this fly).

The Professor Fly Pattern


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Here is one of my staple patterns in my euro boxes- the Peacock Cased Caddis Jig- 

Dead simple- sizes 14, 16, and 18

2 strands peacock herl, small olive ultra wire counter wrapped 8 times, your favorite caddis green dubbing. I usually bigger cased caddis imitations in early spring, but year round I find tons of these things in smaller sizes, especially 14-18. You can vary the dubbing color to a cream or brown- both are good to have. 

289427593_1259989974805411_2203165372565243511_n (4).jpg

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Regan's Black Caddis - Designed by a third generation Michigan tyer by the name of Jerry Regan in 1990.  He ties commercially and professionally and is known as an expert on old Michigan fly patterns.  This was tied as a female caddis, to tie as a male leave off the green egg sac.  This pattern is to be fished during the Chimarra hatch (April through August in MI).


Hook - Mustad 94840, 18 - some tyers will also tie this in a 16

Thread - black

Egg Sac (optional) - lime green yarn

Body - tying thread, tied full length of the shank

Post - dark deer hair (Jerry prefers the hair from the back of an October killed deer)

Hackle - brown and grizzly, tied parachute then the post cut short

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45 minutes ago, danthebugman said:

Few for the bass box during lunch today...



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Harvey Stonefly Nymph

Created by George Harvey in the 1930’s

Hook - 2X long Nymph hooks Size 8 to 16 

Weight - Lead free wire

Thread - Brown

Tail - Brown partridge or brown speckled hen saddles

Ribbing - 32-gauge brass beading wire (available at Craft Shops) (I used gold wire)

Shellback - 3 strands dark brown fine chenille for 8’s and 10’s. 3 strands dark brown wool for smaller flies

Body - Golden Stone or Creamy Yellow Awesome Possum dubbing (I used Mike Mercer's Signature Series Buggy Nymph Dubbing - Golden Stone)

Legs - Brown partridge or brown speckled hen saddles

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