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Lefty's Deceiver

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The late Lefty Kreh was one of the pioneers into saltwater fly fisherman and was well known for his amazing photography, fly casting lessons and a plethora of fly pattern designs.  One of his most well known pattern is the Deceiver fly.  Lefty's Deceiver is one of those patterns that has everything going for it.  Flowing tail, large profile, and still is light and sheds water well so its relatively easy to cast.  It can be tied in a range of sizes and colors to mimic a plethora of different baitfish.  From Jacks in the Bluewater, to bass in freshwater lakes, this fly will catch just about any predatory fish.  Not only is it very effective, but its also a very beautiful fly.  While there are some other patterns that might be slightly easier to tie, this by no means is a difficult fly and you can hammer out quite a few in an evening making it possible to fill a box quickly.  They are also quite durable when tied correctly so you shouldn't have to replace them too often.   


Hook:  Gamakatsu SL11-3h (size 2/0) 
Thread:  Veevus 140 (olive) 
Tail:  Whiting Streamer Pack (white) 
Flash:  Krystal Flash (pearl) 
Body Wrap:  Saltwater Flashabou (pearl) 
Bottom Wings:  Bucktail (white) 
Top Wing:  Bucktail (olive)
Gills:  Krystal Flash (red) 
Back:  Peacock Hurl
Glue:  Loctite Ultragel 
Eyes:  Living Eyes (earth, 5mm) 
Filler Resin:  Solarez Medium 
Coating Resin:  Solarez Ultra Thin 

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