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Mini Leech

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The theme for this one is leeches

 Let's keep this swap limited to hook sizes 14 to 20.

Tie up the pattern that you never leave home without and do the swap thing with standard swap rules. I would like at least 8 for this swap, with a maximum of 12. Send 12 flies you wIll not get yours back. Duedate will be September 30th

will give address when swap is set

1.  Vicrider

2. Trouttramp

3. fishingbobnelson

4. WWKimba

5. DarrellP

6. stabgnid

7. Johnw1986






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Really don''t have a favorite leech. Just use buggers but I'll modify to fit the leech pattern. Was looking at one in a mag I really liked and may need to order some material but will get in for sure.


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If you will have me, I would like to enter this one. 

I fish a “ long black thing” that I sort of invented (modified)  that is kind of a leach imitation. Would that work? I tie it in purple and brown also. It’s a smallmouth killer at times. It’s usually on a 6 or 8 hook, it would be fun to scale it down to a 14.




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