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Fly Tying
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Hiatus, sabbatical, whatever you wish to call it.

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First, let me start this with an apology to Steve.  I know this leaves you with a bit of a shortage.  You and I had a couple of conversations before the storm, so this isn't a total surprise.

I started on this site in 2012.  I've never been a "fly tier".  I've always been a fly angler who ties flies for my fishing.  Over the last couple of days, without power or internet, I've had time to spend with my Wife and my thoughts.  I've got plenty of reasons for my decision, priorities in my life, etc.  Without getting too philosophical, FTF isn't one of them.

I've got a couple of true friends that I've met on this site.  I hope those will keep in touch with E-mails and such.  I'm not "deleting" my profile or anything.  I might be  back.  For now, I hope all of you have healthy and happy lives.

Tie well and tight lines!

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