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Christmas Island Special

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The Christmas Island Special is basically a crazy Charlie tied with craft fur and a flash tail and underwing.  In fact in ways its easier and more simple to tie.  Now that being said it is slightly less durable because flash wrapped around the hook shank can break when fish bite them.  If a fish tooth breaks one strand of the flash, it will look funky, but that doesn't mean it wont still catch fish.  In fact many flies that have been half destroyed by fish strikes seem to catch fish even better than when they were brand new.   But even so, it is still relatively durable and should withstand quite a few fish strikes before needing to retire it.  The beauty of this is that they are so easy to tie, even if you have to retire one, its not gonna be much of a heart break.  These can be tied in a manner of 5 minutes or less when you get in the groove of tying them.  

Use different colored flash, and craft fur to make different styles of this fly.  I see many people use gold, chartreuse, red, and orange. For the Craft fur you could use any color out there, but the most popular are tan, pink, white and brown.  You could also use bead chain eyes instead of the brass dumbbells, however I find that this tends to not want to sit hook point up as easily as the crazy Charlie when only using the lighter bead chain.  The craft fur doesn't hold as much air as calf tail and therefor it needs the extra weight on the bottom to keep it keeled.  



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