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Seaducer Fly

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I always thought of the Seaducer fly to be basically a saltwater Wooly Bugger.  Maybe thats not being fair as it does hold some properties that make it slightly different.  But again maybe its being more than fair, quite generous even because the Wooly Bugger is one of the most popular and effective freshwater streamers.  So maybe its more of a compliment?  Either way, similarly to the Wooly Bugger, it is very easy to tie, in fact maybe even easier than the bugger.  It is very effective, and quite fast to fill a fly box with them.  All in all, if your looking for a simple saltwater, and even freshwater streamer, then look no further than to the seaducer.


So for variations you could use marabou for a tail, which basically would make this exactly like a wooly bugger, or craft fur, or buck tail, rabbit strip, basically anything can be used for a tail on these.  And for the hackle, you will need a fairly thick feather, one with fibers that will extend out past the hook point when wrapped around the hook shank.  As for feathers, you could use the base feathers of your dry hackle capes which are longer, schlappen feathers, strung rooster saddle, and many more.  You can even use soft hackle feathers if you want more movement, or use a stiffer hackle like I did here if you want more water being pushed.  Just get creative and tie them to how you want.  Color variations also are vast.  Hot pink with chartreuse, all black, white with a red head, olive, the list goes on and on.  Pretty much if you can find a feather in any specific color, or many feathers in combinations of colors, you can make it. 






Hook: Risen O'Shaughnessy (Size 2)

Thread:  Veevus 140 (black)

Flash:  Krystal Flash (pearl)

Hackle:  Bugger Hackle Pack

Head Cement: Solarez Ultra Thin

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