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Noah The Flyfisherman

What patterns can i tie with these materials

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welp, i went to the fly shop. i got a TON of stuff. they even gave me about 30 dollars of deer hair for free! i need some ideas for patterns to tie. i migth be selling flies to the fly shop & i will be selling them at a craft fair. i am tying bass & bluegill flies mostly but salt flies & larger trout flies (size 14+


heres my materials:


Mustad 3906b nymph sproat 3xh/2xl      sz 10, 8, 6, 4. (25 in each size)

Mustad 94840 standard dry sz 10 12 14 (25 in each size)

yellow lead eyes 1/40 oz (50)

krystal flash (pearl) (1 bunch)

ultra fine dry fly dub (gray, olive, black)

dry fly rooster neck #1 badger

deer body har (natural, orange, yellow, olive, mustard)

deer belly hair (white, tan)

rayon chenille large (black, worm green, white)

bucktail (assortment size) blue, pink, yellow, chartresue, white

strung saddle hackle (white)

strung deciever hackle (white)

strung marabou (grizzly olive, black)

utc 140/210 (tons, black, a few white)

silli legs perfectly barred (amber, olive) size 60 & size 120 

brown crawdub

hot pink glo bug yarn 

shrimp crabby legs (shrimp)

varigated tinsel chenille (olive black)

2 mm foam

peacock herl

lead wire (.01 & .015)

a bit of craft fur (white, olive, brown, black) 

some low quality black saddle hackle (could use for soft hackles mabye) 



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Most people first determine what they want to tie, sell or use and then they go buy the material, but I like your outside the box thinking.  Clouser minnow, gurgler and maybe some kind of woolybugger.

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16 minutes ago, Poopdeck said:

Clouser minnow, gurgler and maybe some kind of woolybugger.

Good choices, all proven patterns, I will add:

find some bead chain to use as eyes and weight, probably have some laying around the house, no need to go to a fly shop for it.  

Tequeely - chenille and rubber legs

Madam X - deer hair and rubber legs - no need to cover the body with floss or dubbing, just crisscross the thread 

Deer hair caddis - deer hair, dubbing, hackle

Haystacks - deer hair, dubbing

Peacock & black spider - peacock and black hackle

Off the top of my head, there are no doubt many more.


Take your time, learn to tie one simple pattern correctly and consistently, move onto the next one.  

Oh, and have fun.  





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Definitely, you can tie a lot of flies.    Next time you stop by the fly shop.  Pick up some more marabou.   White, Yellow and chartreuse.    I tie a lot of foam bugs.  I buy all of my 2 mm foam at craft stores like Michael's or Hobby Lobby.   Cheaper, usually a larger sheet, 8 1/2 by 11, a lot of different colors.  You can also find, 6 mm and sometimes 3 mm foam there.  White is a basic color to have.  You can use permanent markers to color them.   Sili Legs are nothing more than the material used to make spinner bait skirts.   You can find them on-line or in catalogs as spinner bait skirt layers,  generally cheaper and in way more colors.   Think about getting a grizzly dry fly neck at some point, I think it's more versatile than a badger.   Hooks, I'm not a big fan of Mustad hooks, mainly because they were the only hook readily available when I started tying flies and were seldom sharp coming out of the box.   If you are planning on tying mostly warm water flies, look for a hook that has a round bend, a wide gape and a straight eye.  A good example would be the Eagle Claw Aberdeen Crappie hook.  You should be able to find them in any store that sells fishing equipment.   Time to start tying.  Post some pictures of what you tie.


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One hint on "making" your own variegated chenille.  If you want a ginger and blue mix you won't find it in any store, you simply take those 2 colors and twist them together then wrap that combo on the hook shank.  Oh, and why blue and ginger?  It's the color combo I use when tying my Pumpkinseed variation of the James Wood Bucktail.  Also you can control the color mix by wrapping the chenille looser/tighter.  A way to always have the right "chenille color combo on hand.


BY the way, Harry Murray has a lot of fine panfish patterns, in addition to the JWB, that could use your materials.

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