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The challenge thread!

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This was a duplicate post that I will try to reuse

The clouser minnow or clouser deep minnow was designed originally by Bob C for smallies or small mouth bass.  I fish them mostly for striped bass and bluefish on the Massachusetts bays and rivers.  I’ll go out on a limb and say it is by far the most popular striper fly.  I will fish it as a last resort searching pattern it is not so much fun to cast.

Hook: any streamer hook. The Mustad 34007 works for the salt.  Of note is that Bob recently partnered with Ahrex for a clouser model hook.

weight: dumbbell or hourglass eyes in appropriate weight and color tied 1/3rd back on the shank using several figure eight wraps.  See online for best wrap technique.

thread: flat wax nylon or 140 denier or your favorite.

adhesive: a drop of penetrating CA or Superglue will secure the eyes

wing: the clouser rides point up. Lighter color bucktail tied on top of hook.  Rotate vise or reinsert hook in vice point up.  Add a few strands of crystal flash, add contrasting bucktail wing.  Many synthetics can be subbed for bucktail.

note:  as already noted above the clouser is a style of fly.  When using bucktail less is usually best and the top of the tail will flair less. Oh some swear by the tutti fruiti clouser which is chartreuse and pink but a controversy as what color goes on top.

first photo is standard clouser, second photo has body braid wrapped on shank, wing tied on one side of the hook, and a bit of ostrich added.






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Jailbird challenge fly 1080.JPG

Hook – Curved style
Thread - Olive
Wing Case - A narrow strip of white foam (closed cell foam)
Ribbing - Red wire
Body & Thorax - Olive dubbing
It was developed by Marla Blair who guides on the rivers of Massachusetts and Connecticut 

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IMG_5026.thumb.jpeg.2c59b973d7e4b0bd2dd3a6cc7e571c6e.jpegIMG_5027.thumb.jpeg.5c9e2048cde4ef7db06180f1ec8a67ff.jpegH.L. Varient

sz12 dry fly hook

calf tail tail and wings

stripped peacock herl body

peacock herl ab  

furnace hackle

The next fly up;

Double Humpy

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Double Humpy 

Created by Joe Allen of Jackson Hole.  His son, Boots Allen notes this was created from starting to tie a single humpy on a hopper hook and Joe added a second Humpy to fill the remaining space. 

Hook: Partridge CS51 size 8 

Thread: Danville 70 denier tan 

Body: Uni-Floss Chinses red 

Tail and Wind : Deer hair 

Hackle: double Grizzly hackle at each wing.  



I tied it in several color but I chose to do a close up of red because I preferred the contrast.  doubles.thumb.jpg.04e58e0742685bfcbc3a9f30c0b070ea.jpg

Next Challenge:  Kinermony Killer


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Nice ties. The red is fav, gives a nice contrast. 

Sacrilegious person that I am, I think I would end up clipping the bottom hackle. 

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Kinermony Killer

Hook - Single or double salmon
Thread - Red
Tag - Oval silver tinsel
Rear Body - Silver holographic mylar ribbed with oval silver tinsel
Mid Hackle - Yellow hen
Front Body - Black floss ribbed with oval silver tinsel
Wing - Yellow & orange bucktail with pearl krystal flash over
Front Hackle - Red hen
Front wing - Black bucktail
Collar - Blue hen

I used Steve Andrews video

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