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Peaking Caddis

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Most Caddis Fly species create casings that help protect them from predators and give them a cozy home to live in.  When I say most, I do believe some do not make casing, but let me know if Im wrong on that.  I am sure there are some species that do not.  Either way, these casings are very interesting.  They can be made from a number of materials.  The caddis will use debris like organic matter and little pebbles or sand to construct their homes.  Some are stationary and others move with their home like a hermit crab would.  They can come in a wide variety of different colors and shapes.  One of the most interesting shapes is a perfect boxy looking rectangle type shape.  Look up some caddis casing online and you will be surprised at the number of different designs they create.

Anyway, caddis will poke their heads out of their casing to feed.  With their heads usually you will see their little feet as well.  This fly mimics the little greenish body and dark legs peeking out of some caddis species.  Of course other caddis can be tan, or even dark colored so tie accordingly.  The casing like I said can also be of different colors and shades.  So choose a dubbing that closely matches your local rivers caddis population.

This is actually a relatively easy fly to tie, and the fact that it is so heavy with that tungsten bead, you can get down deep to the bottom quickly.  Also with it being a jig hook paired with the slotted bead, you will have less worry about snagging on the bottom.  Yes it is still possible to snag but of course it will lessen your chances.  This means more time fishing and less time tying on more flies.





Hook:  Risen 9230 (size 14)

Bead:  Risen Tungsten Slotted Bead (Dirty Olive/3.0mm)

Thread:  Veevus 10/0 (brown)

Caddis Head: Ultra Chenille (chartreuse)

Caddis Legs:  Whiting Hen Saddle (black)

Ribbing:  Ultra Wire (gold/brassie)

Dubbing:  Rabbit Dubbing (olive/brown)

Head Cement:  Solarez Ultra Thin

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