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Fly Tying

What is this? (A stonefly?)

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Thanks for all the great responses. Bug hunting can be a little deeper that I thought. I guess its not "a bug is a bug" Truely interesting


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Here's some identifying characters of Chauliodes adults:


1. a. Male antennae pectinate, female antennae serrate; b. Vertex of head with two large, rectangular, dark brown spots posterior to the ocelli; c. In lateral view, male anal plate triangular - Chauliodes rastricornis Rambur

1'. a. Antennae in both sexes pectinate; b. Vertex of head with large, rectangular, yellow spots; c. In lateral view, male anal plate cylindrical - Chauliodes pectinicornis (Linneaus)


Use a magnifying glass (about 10x) to check these characters.


Cheers, Ethan

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Bugs 101

Recall that I worked as an estate gardener for a time and entomology at oregon state. The significance of the antennae were demonstrated in both instances.


A male moth flies in an erratic and wavy flight path for a very definite purpose. During the master gardener training and in college I watched the same film and was totally amazed each time.


A female moth emits a pheromone during sexual pursuit. As she flies she leaves a scent trail.


If the antennae from a male moth are removed and attached to an occlyiscope (sp) to measure electrical activity, application of female pheromone will cause a spike on the scope. This dude gets an electrical shock when his honey comes calling. Every time he gets a zap he changes course just a little. His goal one could say is to fly a tube pattern.

Thus, the organic method of confusing crop pests is to flood the immediate environment with synthetic pheromone. Application of pheromone timing is determined by sticky traps placed in the test area with attractant to draw males. No male female contact = no more babies. Simple logic and it does work for a time. But, the pheromone is expensive to produce and natural selection allows for recognition and avoidance of the synthetic thus creation of a new.


Not trying to be a smarty pants but sometimes a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. For me, I feel like I should share - sometimes I shouldn't.




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