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20 hours ago, [email protected] said:

NICE work,Thanks for your feedback 😁👍🎣

I just noticed your favorite fish is walleye.   Haven't had much luck catching walleye with a fly rod.  I've been going to a lodge on a lake in NE Ontario for 38 years.  I've been fly fishing 22 of those years and I've caught four walleye on the fly.  The rest have come on either jigs or lures.  The jigs in the picture are tied on 1/32 oz jigs and also tie them on 1/20th oz jigs to use with my 6 wgt and 8 wgt rods.   I also tie them on 1/4 oz jigs to use with my spinning gear.   These are some of the 1/4 oz jigs I use for bass and walleye in Ontario.


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I am very sensitive to epoxy .It came on after years of working with it in construction.Super glue gives off a very acrid vapor at first but does not bother me.Nail polish ,basically laquer bugs me a little.UV resin not at all.I use a little desk top air filter with a charcoal filter designed for dust abd smoke and it helps a lot un til i can open windows in the spring.

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I guess I'm very lucky since I was tying commercially for many years.. The only thing I seem to be sensitive to are feathers - but only after hours of working with them... Epoxies, fiberglass resin, acetone, lacquer thinner, etc. don't seem to bother me at all.  I quit tying commercially about three or four years ago now - but still do a lot of bucktail jigs, leadheads, etc - filling orders in bulk when I have customers.. I still tie all of the flies my anglers use but that's it.  Like the work I've seen on this thread so here's a pic or two of what I produce for the salt, along with a photo showing exactly how I'm using that inexpensive Krazy Glue... 


A backcountry jig assortment


An assortment of "skimmer jigs" for bonefsh and other fish up in very shallow waters


using Krazy Glue - like a paintbrush for the heads on flies (or on the thread for bucktails...)

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