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Fly Tying

FTF beginners kit.

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How about everybodye post their top 20 flytying materials and top 5 tools besides a vice.


We can then make a list in order of how many times something is picked and keep the list handy for beginners to access. Maybe even a sponsor could prepare a kit off the final list and offer a special rate to first time mebers of the forum that buy the material together?


I'll start with brass/rubber tipped hackle plyers, ceramic bobbin, 1 scissors for trimming, 1 scissors for heavy cutting, hair stacker.


muskrat patch

deer hair patch

buck tail

red floss

grizzly saddle

ginger indian neck

white duck wing

gray duck wing

mallard flank died wood duck

yellow maribou

olive maribou

gold tinsel

peacock herl

golden pheasant tippets

rabbit dubbing

tan dubbing

olive dubbing

squirrel tail

turkey feathers

fine lead wire


I don't know, maybe 20 is too much for a starter?



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Pair of scissors for shure

whip finisher


ceramic bobbin

black and white 6/0 thread

head cement

hackle pliers

black, white, brown, olive, and ginger marabou

black, white, grizzly, brown hackle

brown partridge

assortment of rabbit dubbing

black, brown, white turkey biots

pheasant tail

turkey tail

white ostrich hearl

peacock hearl

1/8" dia gold beads

small mono eyes

swiss straw

moose mane

patch of elk hair

deer hair

hair stacker

These are my main stay items. A few more than 20 but enough to keep me busy all year. Would be a great starter kit I think


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(1) Chenille by the skein from Hook and Hackle $8 don't even waste your cash buying the small cards of it.

(2) 1 good fine tip scissor that would be Anvils($20) Dr.Slick are crap or just use them to cut lead and thick stuff laugh.gif

(3) Med size brass hair stacker will work for both large and small hair(yearling Elk).

Ceramic bobbins can be bought off eBay But PoorRichards in Erie PA. sells them for $5;Cabelas wants $10 for the same bobbin. Call in the order (814) 474-5623 and they have sparkle and diamond braid super cheap (for tying sucker spawn).

(4) A good whip finisher not the $3 one.($12?)

(5) Hook deals are always on eBay or Mustad hooks from Hook and Hackle (20% off).

(6) Saddles for streamers on Ebay if you know what to look for or buy it in person so you can check the feathers out ($12-25) I prefer the the higher priced saddles with less junk feathers but the $12 ones will do if money is an issue. Dry fly quarter saddles on eBay under $15 shipping included. Have someone explain to you the different quality saddles before buying.

(7) Tons of stuff can be bought at dollar stores or craft stores like Goose biots, cheap scissors, needles, flashback material, markers, etc.

(8) Don't buy a kit! hysterical.gif Buy material for what patterns you want to tie. If tying your own flies becomes a obsession everything will fall into place and money will be found one way or another to purchase tons more of materials.

Keep reading the Forums here and the sickness will rub off onto you sooner or later devil.gif



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i agree, do not buy the kits, although i did buy a couple off of ebay when i first started, but they were not much help, what i did do was buy the small book from orvis that shows 4 different fly's to tie and then i went to the orvis dealer in fayetteville, arkansas, the white river angler and told him what i wanted to do, i also bought my HMH vise from him, anyway he spent some time with me, getting me all the materials and tools that i needed to tie all four of the flies, and some in different colors, so that is what i would recomend doing, go to ur local fly shop if u have one and tell the owner\manager what u are doing and they will most likely be able to help u get started without spending a fortune on stuff u will never use.

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