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Fly Tying
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What kind of hook for what fly?

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Is there any resoucre that tells what style of hook to use with certain flies?

What about a guide that tells the most used hook size in each fly?


Just looking for a quick and easy reference instead of looking at a ton of recipes.


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most people put the size, number, and make of the hook they used in their recipe, also the hook makers usually put what they are on the package themselves.

for instance mustads 94840 is dry fly hook, and their 3906b is their wet fly/nymph hook

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OK, I found a resource on FAOL that shows the most common size for fly recipes, but I still have yet to match it up with flies.


Basically the list is:

Dry: 14

Midge: 16

Terrestrials: 14

Wet: 12

Soft Hackles: 14

Nymphs: 12

Larva Pupa: 12

Damsels: 10

Dragon Flies: 6

Crustaceans: 16

Leeches: 6

Streamers: 4 & 6

Sculpins: 4 & 6

Bass: 2


Basically I am trying to find out what hooks I need to have in my stock, so I can have the most popular hook size and style for making flies.

I assume the companies aren't going to put Terrestrials on their hook package(Or do they?) for a certain hook type. So what style hook would I use for terrestrials?

Is there a standard for such stuff is it just by whatever the person wanted to use at the time?


All I am trying to do is get a head start and be ahead of the game when it comes time to buy my basic hooks and I will know what they are for so I can make a basic guide.



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I think FAOL needs to re-look at their chart there because theres a few on there that seem way off IMO.


Swampy everyone has their own personal prefernces so Its gonna be hard to say what size to use or even what style to use. As well as different rivers having different sized insects. As a basic idea of what you would want to have though I would say it would be something like this....and this is just a "common" size list, there are of course smaller and bigger sizes you will need of each for more specific hatches.


"Most common sizes"


Dry 14-18

Nymph 14-16

Wet 12-14

Streamer 2-6

Midge 18-24

leeches 6-10

Crawdad 2-6 (3xl&4xl)


Then of course the ones that arent lumped into that list are ones like Hex(6-8) Brown drakes (8-10) Ephorons (10-14) and other large ones. As well as the tiny flies like Tricos (22-24)


Thats by no means all of them but that will get you a good start.



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I think crawdads go more by recipe than most other flies do just because there are so many ways and styles to tie it, but personaly I tie mine on a


size 2





that gives me a craw with a body that is about 1-3/4" long and total length with claws of about 3-3 1/4"s


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Yup the Craw I tie uses a streamer style hook with the downward turned eye. Reason for the downward turned eye is when you tie a crawdad you tie it hook point up, so the down turned eye actually becomes a up turned eye.

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