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Painting Lead Eyes

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Well, I was waiting for someone to mention powder paint. It's as tough a paint as you can possibly get. You simply hold the dumbell eyes with a cheap pair of hemostats. Heat the dumbells with a lighter, or Bunsen burner if you plan on doing lots of them, for about 5-10 seconds(depending on the size of the eyes). Dip the dumbell into white, yellow, red, chartreuse, etc powder paint, and remove quickly. Wait 5 seconds before setting it down. You can then put a pupil on the finished dumbell eyes with black paint, and coat with something like Sally Hansens, or epoxy. The base color of Powder Paint will be almost bullet proof. The pupil, or epoxy coating might chip away, but the powder paint will stay put.


Note: The powder paint must be "fluffed", or loosened up before dipping. Every few eyes you must loosen it up agian, or it will blob on the eyes. For a super smooth, great looking finish you must loosen up the powder with either a spoon, or put the lid back on, and roll it around a bit. Gently set the jar down, and carefully remove the lid. Any jostling will cause the powder to settle. The lighter, and fluffier the powder is, the better looking the finish.

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