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Came up with a plan. Spoke with a crappie fisherman with a “live scope” as I was leaving. He said there’s alotta crappie here in this 4-5’ of water that won’t bite my jigs. You can see them run up to the jig and stop. Bream too. Although the bream were cooperating better! He only managed a couple crappie. Minnows maybe? Nada…
These lakes in my area have chironomids. They don’t swarm and cover the surface with the spent cases like years past but some still there.
So the plan, popper/dropper or thigamabobber with couple of wormy looking larva and pupae might be the trick. I kinda over sized them. Gonna give it a try after the weekend crowd dies.

Have had luck in the past with the gills and dang huge Golden shiners.😳











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25 minutes ago, denduke said:

I kinda over sized them.

What size or range did you go with?  I love fly fishing for the crappie in my  local lake.  Often, especially on summer evenings around sunset, I see what I assume are tons of hatching midges disturbing the water's surface. I have a few bigger ones in my box but never fish them.  

Looking forward to hear the results. 

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These are huge in comparison to trouting chironos.    #4 Mosquito DropShots.   May have to go back to my previous ones tied on lil scud hooks if these are refused.  Breamses and nappy crappie I figure will welcome the beefy ones.  ????



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In the past when the lake population of bream was great early spring evening you could see swirls everywhere.  Not hardly noticeable now.  Back then I would tie a couple of white Miller’s, Humpies, Cahills, anything white/gray on right at dusk and catch till dark or the rig got tangled in the fury!!!   Great way to gauge a lake’s fish population when that happened.  Good ole days.  



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