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Attractor patterns?

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11 minutes ago, SilverCreek said:

Try fishing some places where the trout become very selective like The Henry's Fork of the Snake or Silver Creek, both in Idaho.

The fish become super selective.

While fishing in trout parks I've seen very selective trout caught on Velveeta cheese balls and on dough bait balls made of trout chow when not much else, if anything, worked.  They much more quickly ate what they were used to eating.


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2 hours ago, SilverCreek said:

Of course trout will take bait. Bait is NOT an attractor pattern.

Try fly fishing only waters.

Or try tying a cheese ball pattern or trout pellet pattern and see how you do.


I have.  Salmon egg patterns were working great with no salmon anywhere near southwest Missouri.

In my post above I didn't say bait was an attractor pattern but I did say that I think all lures (successful ones) are attractors; they attract fish.  Whether it looks to us like an actual food source or not doesn't matter to me.  Successful lures are meant to look like a potential food source to attract fish.  I don't see how the fish cares if it looks like a natural/actual food source other than it may strike it quicker if it thinks it has been feeding on it already.

Fish are fish.  Some stimulus triggers a reflexive action and it strikes.

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