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More wigglers

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On 5/18/2023 at 1:36 PM, denduke said:

Can’t remember what craft store I gottem from.   I take the Puffy black paint dabbed for the black center and when I glue them on I coat them with SallyHansens to keep them tough.   When you coat them the lil facets disappear.  I use the puffy stuff to make paint drop eyes too. The eye drawer…


Haven’t gotten around to trying your foam wigglers….


Here you go CT aren’t you a Kayaker?  Shrimp season right around the corner😂




Denduke, Nice picture of the trawler hope their headed for the Golden Meadow Blessing!

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1/8" or 3/16 tungsten bead up front makes them a bit heavy, but still easy enough to cast, perhaps with an 8wt rod and a 2x tippet.  I fish them across and down wading, or troll them downstream from a moving driftboat.


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On 6/2/2023 at 6:52 PM, denduke said:

Looks complicated and fragile; whatever works…

The Salmobytes wigglers?  They are a not fragile.  Tying them does take some learning.  They are powerful.  Fish respond to diving wigglers in ways that make your eyebrows move higher.



They are in fact, major big fish mojo. Dave Whitlock once referred to home made diving wigglers as "impossibly difficult to tune" (in Trout Magazine)--which among other things suggests he at least tried.


But they are not so hard to tune, once you figure it out..  A little buoyancy at the top rear end opposing a little weight (below the bill) at the lower front end keeps them from spinning in a circle. So they wobble back and forth while diving.  Phew. The are absolutely deadly on Spring Creeks, at dawn and at dusk.




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