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Fly Tying

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Gonna try to post this from the duck page.   And copy my post as lil humor.   I guess you can view even if not registered?


We all have pistols in our trucks and shotguns under the bed. Most wives have pistols in their cars not in their purse but… Lethal force is tricky especially for women. She pulls a gun on somebody harassing or threatening say in a parking lot. She then becomes the deadly force. Somebody walks up like the perps friend, family and sees it and shoots her???? Pulling a gun is a last resort. Bear spray, tasers might be better choice. Bad *** attitudes can get people hurt even when threatened. BB gun looks threatening just like a higher caliber. Castle law more rights of protection.

Lil story. Buds wife had to fly to Michigan from M’sipi. At the baggage search few 9mm cartridges fell out her bag. Security went nuts. Where is the gun? She said it was in here car and her paw in law had given all the girls pistols for protection. OK. When she laid over in Chicago she left the terminal to shop. A no no. When she returned had to go thru security and was scolded. Long story short when she got home husband told her next time get your act together. Her reply was everything is OK but I need some more ammo. Security took it!!!! Don’t you just love southern gals


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I was pushing the  wheel chair my wife's great aunt was in to get her to her gate.  Airport security wanted to confiscate my Victorinox Swiss Army Tinker pocket knife and not give it back after I dropped her off for her flight.  I wasn't flying.  Ridiculous!!! A little pocket knife.

I think the rules have changed since then but that was crazy.

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