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Fly Tying

vise dilemma

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Lets end this little poke&jab fest guys dry.gif



We are like any other group of people and we all have our favorite (fill in the blank) and thats what we like. Every vise out there has its followers and its nay sayers. A few of you here have mentioned you dont care for Renzetti, yet I have owned one for 9yrs and never had a problem with it. Alot of guys say the Norvise is the "best out there" ...yet I know some one on this site that just ditched his because he didnt like it at all.....I hear guys say they think the Danvise is "cheap" yet I know a number of guys that have had one for the past year or more and have nothing but good things to say about it.


Point is, a piece of equipment such as a vise that is the main item to a fly tyer is gonna have its followers and its haters, long as each of us is happy with what we tie on then it's all good.



BTW I just replaced the injectors on a 95 GMC pick up and it only cost $80 tongue.gif laugh.gif






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cant go wrong with "peak" thats for shure... i love mine. Best thing to do is look around and see if you can try some out to find the one that fits you best smile.gif gl-jason

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